Team 888 Site

Well, this is my first and last year on my school’s roboitics team (I’m a senior), and apparently I’m the only person that has had any HTML knowledge on our team for a few years…

So my task this year was to re-do our team’s site, and after checking out some other sites, and some other threads on chiefdelphi, I’ve come to realize I don’t actually know as much HTML as I should.

I was just wondering if some smarty-pantses could take a look at what I have and make some suggestions before i delve too deep into this project. The site is located at .

I have really only worked on the home page, trying to get it looking good, so i can copy it for any other pages. There is no content except for the forums, which i thought would be a good idea to have running since the kickoff is some 15 days away.

Any help is appreciated(apparently that is what you guys are about, so I should be in good hands…).

Looks pretty nice, despite the lack of information. I like the logo. :slight_smile:

I would, however, make your logo link back to the homepage. It is a simple change that makes navigation much easier.

Yeh, good call, I didn’t really think about that since I already have a button that does that. But you’re right, that is a pretty common feature of just about every web site in the world.

Good start!

Now for some things I would change.

FIRST Logo: by having the white inside and the white outside changed to black you have violated FIRST’s logo standards (see: here … warning pdf). I am assuming you wanted it to be black and were using paint or photoshop, and you just attempted to fill in the white only to find that the circle became black too, so you left the inside white. Well you can download the black version from here.

Your logo: You are doing the resizing thing with your logo, which I am not to fond of (personal opinion). The reason I generally dislike it is because rarelly do I see people implement a max size on them, and with my monitor which is quite large (30 inch), its a pain to the eyes to see a logo that large, let alone the fact that it then dwarfs everything else on the page and draws too much attention away from the page (though this may not be as noticable with content on it). I would create a max width that the logo can resize to.

Content! Once you have that you have a working site! Great work again.

Thanks for the FIRST logo thing, didn’t think to check that out.

Also, I am extremely jealous of you and your 30 inch monitor. I have to resort to the dual screen, with stupid fuzzy tv as the second screen.

Also, the logos on the right could be linked. Again, used commonly in websites.

layout wise it looks pretty good, but on the home page I would probably not use the border on the table on the right, it looks better and more professional if it looks like it is floating on the page instead of having the border, it just kinda clashes with the rest of the page because it looks professional and well done.

content wise… let us know when it has content so we can check it out again. :slight_smile: