Team 894 logo

check it out:

We may have to simplify it a little bit(less gradient/shadow) for our shirts, though.

Always love feedback. :slight_smile:

It’s interesting.
I’m guessing you used the beveling feature in photoshop? Tone it down so that maybe only the outer edge is beveled and raised.

You may want to rethink the black background. Work with your logo with the mindset that it’ll be on a white background. That way, the end product will be a bit more versatile.

The font doesn’t really catch my eye, but the general setup seems nice.

You can probably get away with making the ‘brush strokes’ behind the oval into one solid color and still get a cool effect.

Push the text up so it’s closer to the team #.

That’s my two cents.

Do you mean on the letters? That’s the Satin layer effect. I will however, take a look at it with a bevel like you mentioned.

Push the text up so it’s closer to the team #.

Perhaps if there was more space under the text, do you think that would also work?

I’m gonna play around with it on a white background as well.

Thanks for the input. It’s greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

I think it looks pretty good. I like the color scheme.

I would suggest changing the text font or spacing… the numbers are pretty readable from a distance, but the “chargers robotics” kind of blend together making it hard to read.

Edited it around a bit.

black bg:
white bg:

I’ve spaced the letters of ‘chargers robotics’ and went with a simple bevel on the 894. On the white one, the scratched up shadow thing is now just a fading blur shadow thing.

The text looks better :smiley:
The more prominant ‘shadow smoke’ thing going on in the black version is really nice.

Too much space!!
It should be as compact as possible while still keeping it’s cool.
On lighter backgrounds, you should definately make a version where the oval has a black outline. If anything, thicker outlines on both the text and oval.
You may want to actually want to go ahead and make two versions which cater to both backgrounds for future use.

FYI, as for shirts, unless you get a good (albiet expensive) printshop, they will probably ask for all solid colors.

Defiinately an improvement in my opinion! Just a few changes and it can be DEADLY.