Team 894's Website

I’m nearing completion on this year’s team website…and thought I’d share it here :

The sponsors and media pages’ content doesn’t align at the top in IE for me. Trying to figure that one out.

Always love feedback, suggestions, comments, etc. Also, feel free to register on the forums and say hello. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also, I’m thinking about adding a calendar under the quick links. Forgot to mention that.

To center something set its css style to:

margin: 0px auto;

That’s what I would recommend doing. If that doesn’t work you could always use the non standard <center> tags or do align=“center”.

Your website is nice and simple. I like that. You might want to add a page that talks about FIRST. That’s a requirement for FRC websites. On the sponsers page you might like to add a logo of the company. Other than that it looks fine. Good luck.