Team 900's Incomplete Guide to Using the TX1 for FRC


Promised this a while back and it’s still being worked on but I wanted to post it publicly now:

It’s snarky and was written mostly because I’m annoyed with people who can’t be bothered to read the Nvidia manuals (There is some irony in writing another manual for them to read).

This guide is not complete. It is merely the beginning on your journey with the TX1. It will not answer all of your questions nor is it meant to (It’s “incomplete” for a reason). Before you begin you should start by looking at the available resources you have and read the documentation available for the TX1. It’s entirely possible that this guide will be out of date by the time you read it. It is not definitive and should not be treated as such.

Give it a go if you’re struggling or have questions. We’ve also setup an email address for anyone who is having trouble and needs help:

Jetson power wiring

10/10 snark would read again


Any insights into OpenCV4Tegra vs the OpenCV gpu module? Last year we used the gpu module in C++, but this year we’re using opencv4tegra in Python.


I know that the OpenCV4Tegra module does some fancy binary-blob optimization stuff for OpenCV and improves upon the performance of the standard GPU module but I can’t speak for the python bindings at all.


On another note - (sorry if I missed it before) is that a new logo for FRC 900? That is incredibly polished and awe-inspiring!


It is and thank you!


Download and install Ubuntu 14.04 x64 Desktop on a computer of your choice. Not RedHat, not Slackware, not Chrome OS, not Windows, not Mac, definitely not BeOS, and most certainly not AIX.

So I’m assuming OpenVMS isn’t gonna cut it?

Also good guide, I enjoyed reading it.


Glad you enjoyed it. It was fun to make but a bit tedious.


After spending a significant amount of time last season getting the TX1 working last season and hunting through blog posts and Nvidia manuals, a resource like would’ve saved us a lot of time fiddling with getting the TX1 setup.

While we aren’t using the TX1 this season due to some reliability issues we experienced with the networking and the difficulty in setup/config, I’m glad this is out there now for those who need the processing chops the TX1 offer.

Props to 900 for making this!


One minor nit. You mention not installing the antennas because you can’t support wireless. The antennas are still worth installing as they can be used to give a very futuristic, aesthetic appeal to the device, as well as being used to attach small flags to.

In all seriousness, how do yall supply a consistent 12V to the TX1? Does it get cranky when voltage sags to ~8V?


There is a link in the guide for the voltage regulator that we use.

Good point about the flag poles. Need a place to hang the team standard this year. Will have to amend the guide.


Just FYI for folks. I’m getting a lot of questions about the voltage regulator that I keep linking to on amazon. The one we’ve been recommending is now out of stock and no longer listed. I’m not sure why but the 80W module that is now listed seems to be just fine (note, we haven’t used it but it seems to be pretty much the same thing).

EDIT: This also seems to be similar:


Hmm, “waterproof”. Interesting…


Yeah I’m on board with this, our team picked up one of the 80W regulators with the case and it is working perfectly for us so far, we’ve had no issues