Team 905 Site

Even though its not totally done its on the server :slight_smile:

you should change the setting from the top to something a little lower than 66px.
It looks weird that everything is so low, also I would recommend you make the top frame smaller.
So far its good though


Ok your off to a good start but a few comments/suggestions.

You need a FIRST logo somewhere in there with a link to
I understand ur still under construction but try an add some pictures, maybe a cool collaged header or something?
You will need a LOT more content, perhaps add new links to different sections.
Maybe add a calendar or some kind of planning chart. Add a picture gallery or a type of story page.Make the forums a another button instead of a text link below the nav bar.
If you have sponsors add a sponsor page.
Also, one thing I really hate on most websites is the mailto:[email protected] link when you click on a Contact page. What I like to see is when you click contact it takes you to another HTML page with information as to who you are contacting, where, etc. In that HTML page you can have a mailto: link.

Try and add more colors, pictures can do that. So you’re off to a great start just keep it updated. BTW, this is just MY opinion on the website, it’s not necessarily the “way-to-go” option. Just my 2 cents :smiley:

Good luck on the website award :smiley:

i agree with theory6 on the email thing, because for me it’s a pain since it automaticly opens up Euroda (even though i no longer use it). Another option you have is to make it simple for your client (the person who is browsing your site) is to put a contact page with a email form IN it. This can easily and securely be done in PHP, for more info go to

other things to mention:

  1. The menu bar is aligned to the middle, i don’t know if you did this on purpose, but it’s usually nice if it’s near the top of the page for easier navigation (if a user is not using fullscreen mode)
  2. You have a copyright symbol on “Platt Tech Team 905 Milford Connecticut”, copyright are usually issued to articles, names are usually trademarked, but I don’t think you even need that since 1) it costs about $2k to register a trademark i believe, and 2) You shouldn’t worry about someone else using “Platt Tech Team 905 Milford Connecticut” to merchandise their products, since it is a very very specific phrase. :slight_smile:

other than that, it’s a great start!

Thanks for the comments/suggestions, ive updated the site again to it’s latest version which now includes some updated and redesigned pages.