Team 910: The Foley Freeze - 2019 Robot Reveal

Team 910 is proud to present our 2019 robot, Europa.

Video Link

Watch Europa compete at the Center Line District (week 3), Troy District (Week 5), and Forest Hills District (Week 6).

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Seems like your team number is missing a 2… :thinking:

  • Has a swerve drive and a fast lift

Is this 2910 from 2018?



Hope to poke at it in Detroit this year, been too long since I’ve dug through a 910 robot.


Looks great! Hopefully you guys make it to champs so I can see it in person.


That is an awesome climbing linkage. Love it!


What is your hatch mechanism?

We use the same mechanism for cargo and hatches. It is 2 side by side wheels, like many 2018 intakes. It closes depending on what we need to gather. It is similar to 1684’s intake from this year.

Heeeyyy 910! Welcome to the #hothatchwheels gang! (and cargo)

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