Team 93 Drive Practice?

It came to my attention recently that our media team recorded a video of our drivers working the robot during the last days of build. Eh, better late than never.

And to the people who saw us at WI. The reason we looked way worse was because our lifter broke down a lot due to a LOT of unforeseen problems including stuff getting in the way (IGUS chain), loose wires, and stalling the motors at the upper limit as we didn’t take it up to the full height due to low ceilings. As a result I think we burned a total of six BaneBots RS-550’s. Thankfully, we got all those problems taken care of in qualifications only to be hit with our wrist breaking down…Well, I guess Murphy never gives us break (until after CMP of course :wink: )…

Never saw you guys this year, but our story is really similar. If only we would have gotten a little more drive practice we probably could have done a whole lot better. Now that we’re in the offseason we can drive our robot like craaaazy! :smiley: