Team 931 Robot Mechanism Prototype

Here is what we have prototyped so far, tell us what you think. :slight_smile:

If you guys want an idea for propelling the balls into the hopper, either make the highest roller bigger to compress the ball on the way up and push it towards the hopper when it releases from the shorter belts. Or do something like we did in '06 for our picker upper:

Looks good.

What’s the ball rate/capacity? It went so fast that it was hard to count, but it looked like about 10 balls in 4 seconds; is that right?

Thats a great question! We didn’t record any data of that sort. But that seems about the right number.

We had a really general “hopper” prototype but it wasn’t working like we wanted it too. Your robot from that year looks pretty awesome, thought. :slight_smile:

What is the turntable you are using?