Team 935 Electronics

Nice. Very organized, I like how you hide all the wires.

No spikes? I assmued there was at least one cylinder on that manipulator you guys have.

dang, 2 maxy blocks?

That second Maxi block needs to be directly connected to the Rockwell PDB. (See the sixth bullet on <R50>)

Apart from that, it looks great.

very nice organization…wish we could afford garolite.

OOps, thanks for that catch. I’ll be sure to change that tomorrow.

We aren’t using spikes. We are using a motor and soon to be motors to lift our elevator. The van door motor doesn’t have enough torque to lift our mechanism and the ball so we are going to try 2 van door motors and see if that works.

I don’t know what garolite even is. The plate is aluminum with carbon fiber backing.

The ATC fuse panel should also be directly connected to the PDB. In this photo, it looks like it is connected to one of the two Maxi blocks. Furthermore, are you using red wire for that? It’s hard to tell, but it looks black in the picture.

Besides these little nit-picks, very nice board. It looks really neat, no rat’s nest of cables.

Wow I totally missed that. I didn’t even realize I made that mistake. That’s also something I am going to have to fix tomorrow. I connect the black wire where the red should have gone and forgot to put the other wire on altogether. The ATC is connected to the PDB, I just connected it wrong. Thanks for catching all of my stupid mistakes

Also you can only use 1 van door motor. Maybe you are talking about the window motors.

Could you please quote the rule. I looked but couldn’t find the restriction.

<R59> Additional motors specifically permitted on 2008 FRC ROBOTS include:
All motors, actuators, and servos provided in the 2008 Kit Of Parts,
HITEC HS-322HD servos,
FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) servos (Innovation First part number 276-2162),
FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) motors (Innovation First part number 276-2163),
One or two additional 2-1/2” CIM motors (part #FR801-001 and/or M4-R0062-12 in addition
to those provided in the Kit Of Parts. This means that up to four, and no more, 2-1/2” CIM
motors can be used on the ROBOT.

This is the only rule I could find and it says that you can buy additional motors as long as they are the same as what’s in the kit of parts.

So close. Look here:

<R58> Motors, pumps, and, Robot Controllers from previous robots shall not be used in addition to
those provided in the 2008 Kit Of Parts. They may be used as direct one-to-one SPARE
for those provided if the provided part fails or is damaged. They can only be used if
they are identical to the part being replaced.
(emphasis mine)

<R59> should not have used the first word “Additional” as it misleads people. “Additional” should have been only in the CIM bullet point.

The first bullet point says you can use motors found in the KoP. It does not say that you can use extra copies of those motors. One van door motor was given in the kit; one may be used.

Wow, your right I must be as blind as a bat. I skipped right over that rule. Thanks for your help. Looks like we’re stuck using 2 FP motors. Has anyone had any experience with them. Do they have sufficient torque and are they robust enough? Any suggestions?

Also see this Q&A:

And this:

We’re probably going to use 2 FP motors and gearboxes not window motors.

I didn’t notice this before, but what gauge wire are you using from the PDB to the ATC panel? I believe it’s supposed to be #6 per R50, and that looks like #10 or #12.

I don’t remember I’ll have to check. I have to redo the ATC anyway. Thanks for the catch.

im wondering what the inspectors are going to think of that… will they make you take off those channels and reveal the possible rats nest underneath?