Team 935 Goes All Out at OKC

Please note that the video is still uploading as of this post (I need to go to class :stuck_out_tongue: )

We thank our alliance partners 3593 and 3160 for their incredible, deserved play and we hope to play with them again in the future!

Nice video, and great music.

I expected country music before I even opened the video :rolleyes:

We were glad to see you guys working on all cylinders by Saturday afternoon. Great job with the quarter-final upset and we were rooting for you to run the table.

What were the modifications you made between events (Someone posted a picture of some parts?)

The three parts posted all served a separate function:

• A giant sheet metal tray. The most notable of the three, it was suppose to be a ground loader, however our keyways sheared so many times and we finally decided to go for a more minimal approach.
• The giant Maglight was going to be mounted on our robot, but there simply wasn’t enough time for us to wire it (and we weren’t planning on wiring it until I pointed out that you had to in the rules :))
• The steel collets and PVC was groundwork for a possible structure to put on our alliance’s robots, in case we needed the blocking capability. We determined that our stragety of going full offense would work better though.

There were other bugs that were more important to work out, like frisbee jamming and even a short in the whole robot (that’s when we had to fix some wiring and sadly remove our beautiful underglow ). It’s great that it all got worked out in elims, because we were scoring three pointers with our very formidable alliance partners (3593 and 3160).

Alas, we were looking for that semi-final upset too, but surprises sprung up and we just rolled with them (which is all you can do, sometimes). Overall, OKC was a blast and all of our team members thoroughly enjoyed it to the bittersweet end.

While I’m at it, I want to throw out other thanks:

3160. We already made friends with 3160 two years ago since they were our winning alliance partners again, and although some malfunctions did arise we felt you were still one of the best teams out there. We want you to continue what you do and do it well!
3593. You folks looked so worried when you told us this was your first year playing in the tourney, but as our alliance captain we were very greatful to play with such an incredible robot. I hope I see some bandanas on your drivers’ head when I watch you play at champs along with 3160, too!
476. We love Ponca to death, and this year your robot was a tough one to pull through with. Glad that we had the oppurtunity to play each other :).
1986 and 1806. In all honesty, we were relieved yet upset that the match schedule refused to let us play with you guys. 1) We were daunted by your playing ability but 2) we were ready for the competition you folks would bring anyway :). We’re glad you are bringing it to champs.

A little off topic but needed to be said: my dear friends on 3310, go for another regional win at Colorado, will ya! :smiley:

Hoping to see even more competition at OKC if we go next year! It was incredible this year.

I’m sorry the silver hats didn’t bring you the same luck they did last time. Nonetheless, it made me smile to see one still around.

As I am always watching my back here in Colorado, what is this?

Oh wow, I guess I got confused for a moment! 3310 is not going to Colorado (you never know though :slight_smile: ) They already competed at their two regionals and will advance to champs.

As for you 2410…I wish you have less technical difficulties at Razorback! I will be watching with my silver hat!

Our district only lets us leave for regionals outside Texas once every two years, so we couldn’t this year and went to Hub City. Maybe next year :wink:

We are going to champs, a little upset we wont see you guys there, but maybe next year we’ll get a chance to team up. :yikes: