Team 935 Test 1

It’s that time of the year folks, and we’re hitting build season hard this time. Or, hitting the bump hard, for our custom tank drive chassis has clearly displayed its ability to run over the bump. Anyway, you might want to check out this hot robot:

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We hope to see you Dallas and Kansas City teams at competition!

Drive train looks solid and I love the plate work.

That being said, I rarely comment on safety practices, but that might have been the most questionable test of a robot I’ve ever seen… You should really look into wiring up a control system, even if it’s just a vex controller next time…

Simply put, that was not smart.

Nice bot so far though. I really admire the machining that went into that. I’m curious if you’re sticking to a single CIM per side though.

Agreed! What i’m wondering is, are you worried about the side loads of those treads? They tend to break when it is hit from the side.

Don’t take my word for it but as far as I know we are just going with one SIM per side. If two SIMs are enough to get over the bump then I’m not expecting any additions to the drive train.

If you also look closely you can see our walking suspension between the treads. It’s quite tight right now but we might loosen that up later this week.

And yeah, I’ll have to admit that this wasn’t the smartest idea to test the robot. ::ouch::

I hope your electronic board is as good looking as your tread system. Looks like quite a jolt when it gets to the other side