Team 95 finished

Video of a mock competition/practice time. We have a really good match-up with Team 1922 (you guys were awesome) they scored a few goals on us, but we kept them at bay most of the time. It was pretty awesome to see to Mecanum drive robots that were really well balanced against eachother go at it. Talk about dancing robots… :cool: We had a couple issues with the practice field falling apart a little, but it wasn’t too bad.


Our blocker fully deployed (and painted) we can also drop it to 45deg to deflect balls dropping down from the ball return.

Most of the guts here… we mounted the battery and compressor underneath.

It sports 4-Cim+mecanum drive, can go over the bump (and catch air!), strafe on the bump, go through the tunnel, auto-kick and score from the 3rd zone, block virtually any shot, and deflect balls from the ball return. Weighs in at 113lbs. The only thing we can’t do is hang, but since we’ll be playing goalie, and hanging doesn’t get you many points, we should be okay. We’re running pneumatics at two different pressures to conserve air. The blocker is damped pretty well so blocked shots don’t bounce too far, great for blocking and then kicking the ball away.

It’s the best 'bot you can buy from McMaster and assemble in a High School, 6 parts were machined, 2 were welded, everything else was done with hand tools.

What do you think!?

Edit: updated with video!

What do I think? I think “om nom nom” XD. That blocker is priceless!
Your electronics/pneumatics board? One of the cleanest I have ever seen!
I wish you the best of luck!

That is EXACTLY what our artist put in the sketch he made of it :wink:

Nice job! It was great to work with you guys this year

One question: what did you end up using to keep the balls out from under the robot?

make that two: are the pressure gauges visible when the blocker is all the way down?

What did you use to “damp” the blocker?

It looks excellent! Great job.

Two quick questions.

Do you have a primary regulator mounted somewhere else? And does that panel tilt slightly out of the frame perimeter when up like that?

BTW Love the graphics.

Thanks for scrimmaging with us this weekend at St. Paul’s. Your blocker looks much better painted and bot looks great and look forward to competing with you at Granite State Regional.

On the two narrow sides we simply have an aluminum bar, on the rear we’re using some huge zip-ties, and on the front with the kicker it will be a zip tie and bungee chord.

They are not, though the blocker is not not powered in the down position, so one can lift it up at any time.

Flow control valves on the four pistons that deploy the blocker, it’s not perfectly “dead” though.

No we do not, but the pneumatic vent is accessible from the outside of the robot. And no, the blocker hinge is recessed inside of the frame perimeter so it comes up flush with the frame when it’s deployed.

I see <R76> wants the pressure gauges to be “easily visible” which they are if the blocker is lifted by hand, if the inspectors don’t like it, which they might not, I guess we’ll have to relocate the gauges.

EDIT: Having gotten punched in the face by the blocker due to an overly zealous freshman:eek: I think that lifting the blocker out of the way is safer than having a view port through it because one’s face will not be in the way of the blocker if it deploys ::safety::

The question was about a primary regulator. The main regulator going from 120PSI to 60 PSI must be a Norgen regulator, this is the all black regulator on the top of page 27 of the KOP checklist.

The 2 pictured regulators are both Monier (sp?) secondary regulators.

Ah, good catch. I guess we’ll swap that out first thing when we go to competition. Thanks!

OP has been updated with a video!