Team 955's 2005 Animation...Doomed?

My team managed to procrastinate and submit an animation before the deadline, but when I got around to checking what had been uploaded, I was fairly shocked to see an .AVI file, not a .MOV that the award guidelines called for.
So um, is my team’s animation pretty much over for this year? It is going to be automatically disqualified?

[hindsight]…the rulebook reader never should’ve left the animators alone on the final day…aye.[/hindsight]

That depends on the type of AVI. If it’s a Cinepak or DV-NTSC you’re okay.

I believe it is one of the either. :slight_smile: Thanks.

…My team got around to making a .MOV of it and uploaded that online 2 1/2 days late. Hopefully it’d be accepted, since it has a better quality than the .AVI.

So I take it the heck I went through to change the format from .wmv to .mov was wasted because I could have changed it to an .avi easily. Grrr… added grey hairs for no reason.