Team 955's Scouting Program!


Run it from Github:

You need two gamepads to run the program, the first one connected adjusts red team values, the second, blue. You can upload a match list text file, and it will automatically fill in the team numbers with each match number; an example file is attached.

After each match, hit the save button and it will generate a .csv file. Once you’ve got a collection of matches that you want to analyze, hit the “Create Master File” button, select the match files, and it will generate a complete file with all the teams and team scores.

Team values are averages and totals.

Key maps:
Right/Left Bumpers: Toggle between teams
Start: Toggle Teleop
Select: Toggle Autonomous
A: Low hot goal
B: Low goal
X: High goal
Y: High hot goal
D-Pad: Starting Zone
A: Low goal
B: Truss score
X: Pass
Y: High goal
D-Pad: Zone Preference


1: Defensive
2: Successful defense
3: Offensive
4: Successful offense
5: Broken
6: Can catch from player
7: Loose grip
8: Two Ball Autonomous
9: Good with (your team)