Team 957 1/30 Update

Its been a few years since we have updated during the build season but I figured I would share our progress up to the the 30th of January. The pictures are posted here:

Please share any comments you have.

Nate Edwards

Very nice coaxial crab drive. Just make sure that bumpers will be supported all the way around the frame.

What motors are you using for steering?

We are adding bumper supports as we have an inch of play on the outside of the frame each way. The bumpers will be added tonight, there will be 6 inches on either side of the large opening on the front and the sides and back will be completly covered. We call it the golden ratio.

For the steering we are using a 1:1 ratio with the window motor. It may be too fast so we may tone it down.

very interesting design, ours is somewhat similar minus the 8 wheels lol will you guys be shooting any?

We will be having a conveyor about 8 inches from the back made out of industrial belt. It will take them to the top where a small ramp will shoot out the balls. Our best distance is about 5-7 feet away. We can slow down the motor to shoot closer and we can shoot a little further away with less accuracy. The last test (on the wooden platform you can see on the left in the last picture) we did we scored 14 out of 15 from 6 feet.

That is awesome!! And it sounds like you have pretty good accuracy. What type of motors are you using for shooting? We are doing something similar with shooting and 2 conveyor systems controlled by one motor to pick up the balls from the floor to put them into a shooter device that we will be testing again this next week

We are using a globe motor or two with the gearbox for the conveyor and a friction driven fisher price (without gearbox.) attached to an 8 inch wheel.

Obviously the back won’t be “completely” covered (i.e. the hitch). But without doing the trig myself I think you’ll still be good, 2/3 coverage wise.

Can’t wait to see it in action!