Team 957 Kicking Mechanism

Team 957 Kicking Mechanism Montage

Hope this is in the right section, but my team just wanted to show off our kicking mechanism so far.

You’re up dial is turned up really high. If you see section 100000 of the game manual it should tell you how to adjust that. But if you wanted to shoot from the far end of the field, then it looks perfect:D

You realize that you are aiming to get the ball in the hole below the target, right? :wink: :rolleyes:

In all seriousness, make sure you can get your kicker back inside your FRAME PERIMETER within 2 seconds - don’t leave it hanging out like in the video.

Looks like you guys are using a motor for the kick. Let me know if I’m wrong please!

I’m probably not supposed to say, but this in pneumatics, we have limit switches on this prototype now to bring it back within the frame. So this should take away the concern about bringing it back within the frame. This may or may not be the kicker we use, we will post our other kicking videos as we make them and show the mechanism when we have made the final decision.


I ask if was a motor for you because we test our kicker with a motor and gear box and every video posted by now is using pneumatics system.

This is our kicker concept: