Team 964's Buckeye Thanks/Congrats 2010

We did better than usual this year, and this wouldn’t have been possible without a few groups, teams and individuals. On behalf of Team 964, the Bedford Bearcats, I would like to send out the following thanks and congratulations:

Thank You
Bedford City School District: You’ve made the right decision by keeping this team. During the next 12 months, we’re going to make you proud. There’s a group of dedicated students in this district, you just need to bring them out of their shell. Breaking them into an educational non-classroom setting is just the way to do that. On behalf of myself, the other mentors, and the students, we thank you for this tremendous opportunity to continue. When others would have simply cut us out, you saw the value. You won’t regret your choice. :slight_smile:

Bedford City Schools Foundation: The Foundation provided us with great financial help, along with securing a permanent programming laptop for the team that will not be reformatted between seasons. We also have a very active mentor from the foundation that won’t rest until we get this program going year-round. The BCS Foundation has been an invaluable resource in continuing the Bearcats robotics program.

Our Alliance Partners: We had some really good alliances this year. They all strategized with us ahead of time, and communicated well during the matches. Thanks for the fun times.

Team 2399: Where do we start? Besides taking our only programmer this year and forcing me to learn Java, your team gave us the “duct tape wheels” idea, assisted us beyond the call of duty by fixing our bad wheel (WD40 + blow-dryer = unstuck!), and loaned us a countless amount of tools/supplies.

Team 451: While I won’t publicly mention an issue we had with some of your team members/supporters, I will thank your programmer greatly for not only providing me with a custom Classmate dashboard program (Zom B), but for also fixing the code quickly when you realized that we could not view the camera. Using your dashboard, we were able to get near-realtime video from the field for our driver in charge of the kicker.

Buckeye Regional Volunteers: You need to give yourself a pat on the back. This regional may be about the students, but it’s the hard work and long hours that YOU put in which gives them the opportunity to compete in a fluid environment. Even through the field issues, you readjusted quickly and started queuing up teams like nobody’s business!

Great Lakes Science Center: Thank you for hosting the team social again! It’s always great to relax and look at the exhibits or watch an OmniMax movie (Hubble was awesome) after a long, stressful day. I loved visiting the Science Center since I was a kid. If you need anyway teams to volunteer at an exhibit this year, 964 would be more than happy to help out.

Team 2399: You stole our programmer!!! :stuck_out_tongue: You guys (or, should I say “gals”) did really well. While you may not have made it all the way, you overcame a few rough challenges and made it into the semi-finals. That’s quite an accomplishment, and I was rooting for you all the way. Good job this year.

Rookie teams: I mean, really. Just look at all the rookie teams that were picked/seeded into the elimination alliances. I don’t know what went on behind the scenes, but on the field, you looked like pros, and played to win. I’ve been in this program for 5 years and have yet to see my team make it to the semi-finals, so I know you must have put in a lot of work, sweat, and dedication to make it happen. Keep up the good pace.

Award Winners: Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay long enough to view the awards, due to the regional running late from field issues on Friday, but I’m sure you all deserved your award. It’s no small feat to win any of them, so feel proud, and continue to maintain and expand your excellence.

We may not have ranked that well this year, but we were much more optimistic about our robot this year than previous years. We had fun, we learned a lot, and now we know what to do better next year, AND during the many months in-between. It was a pleasure. Looking forward to next year. :slight_smile: