Team 967 2 Neo 3D-Printed Drive Gearbox

This is a gearbox design that may be used for our robot in the 2020 season. After finding success in the 2019 season with mostly 3D printed drive gearboxes, we have decided to try it again but with Neo motors instead. This model is an initial prototype and will be upgraded and iterated in the near future. There are images of the first built prototype and a step file of the model attached.

2Neo_Gearbox_Assembly.stp (7.8 MB)


What material did you use for printing? Did you have any issues with gears wearing prematurely last year?

Yes, what is that material? Do you have a sponsor that 3D-prints files you send them, or do you do it in shop? What kind of printer did you print these on? We typically use SLA printers owned by our sponsors. If you do decide on these gearboxes, how many will you print? It seems very impressive.

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