Team 967 Mecanum Drive

Team 967’s new, fully functional mecanum drive and kicking mechanism are outlined in this vid.

Here’s a shout out to team 842 for posting their pneumatic / hybrid kicker prototype video early on. We found it to be a cool design and built one of our own. Thanks!

that robot is so awesome… it drives so smoothly and looks like it will be a dominating robot this year

Superb :cool:

Usually, I’m not a fan of Mecanum Drives because I feel that teams don’t use them to their full potential.

It looks like you’re not one of those teams.

Excellent, I wish you the best.

I completely agree with this statement. Good luck guys!

Not only that, but whoever was driving that bot seemed to have an impressive amount of control over the machine. Well done, remember to practice practice practice!

Team 2410 dearly misses there past mentor Mr. Hickerson. Looks like he is still having fun with you guys. Glad too see he didn’t shave his beard :).
Awesome robot, Good luck.

It looks like the ball goes more than 3 inches into your frame.

True. We have been tinkering with the hardware for the front end to prevent that problem - dribbler wheels (if we can get them to work properly) and/or a physical stop. At any rate, the kicker works pretty well when we position the ball at or near the 3" mark.

I completely agree, I’d love to see the joystick layouts and what does what

We are using a gamepad with two joysticks. One stick controls rotation, and the other controls forward-backward plus strafing motion.

Hellooooo from the North East :smiley:
Very nice setup LOVE the mecanum drive good luck in 2010 with the bot.
MOE and Team 88 TJ2 ::ouch::