Team 968 Teaser #1

Thats one of the shinyest pistons ive ever seen. why so big?

since you can’t have your wheels you gotta move the bling elsewhere, seemes reasonable, cant wait to see it.

Whatever it’s for, he doesn’t like it. :confused:

I dont know about that. That look kinda makes it look as if he’s impressed.

i like shiny…

anyway i think that their robot is going to probably be a dumper since it makes no sense to have a shooter using a cylinder that wide. It is too wide for its own good and wouldn’t be capable of quickly pushing the ball since it has more volume and therefore would take longer to fill then a thinner one. Rather it seems to be going for power over speed.

Oooooo – shiny robot guts!

I respectfully disagree about making a shooter cylinder that wide; it actually works quite well at a fairly high rate of fire. :slight_smile:](

Why not?
Obviously they just want to win the My-Piston-Is-Bigger-Than-Yours competition.

I have a feeling something very similar to their 2006 Robot will be making a re-debut this year. :slight_smile:



Magic floating cylinder with len flare. Guess that is completely possible.

It’s a shop, I can tell by the pixels. plus, how is he holding a heavy cylinder by the last inch of metal outside of the picture? I for one call shenanigans.:stuck_out_tongue:

Acura is a new sponsor of 968?? :eek:

I second the shenanigans

I’m thinking its not a pneumatic cylinder, and instead a driven shooter roller or conveyor roller, just judging from the Hex end with a slot for a dog gear in it…
now why do they need a dog gear…

Roller for conveyor system. That’s my guess.

Actually, I see a red reflection in the cylinder. So its probably reflecting their robot. I think the real teaser is that they are involved in the filming of the next Fast and Furious :yikes: