Team 968's 2009 Wiring

Wow. That’s…amazing. Good work :wink:

so I have to ask how much do the transmissions weigh and how much is the entire drivetrain?

Great job and I absolutely love what you guys do.

that drivetrain will really move with no CIMs in it!

I’m sending this picture to my grandmother to show her how pretty my little babies can look when neatly wired.

Really slick guys.

How are you isolating the cRIO? It looks slightly levitated, but I can’t see what is doing it.

As always, your wiring looks great.

Why did you choose to use all Victors and no Jaguars?

The cRIO sits atop a thin (20 thousandths maybe) sheet of plastic, and is mounted with nylon screws.

We chose to use Victors because of their proven reliability over the past 8+ years of FRC competitions, the number of them we already had, space constraints, and aesthetics.

What I like most is the pinned Anderson connection for the battery. Those large gauge wires are always the weakest link for us. What connectors did you use for the battery terminals? They look very beefy and secure.

Looks awesome, as usual. Good luck in San Diego. We’ll be at LA and Las Vegas, so we hope to see you in Atlanta!

That is hot. :cool:
Nice work, I love the looks of that chassis.

The bottom plate and transmissions remind me of a certain pink robot from last year.

Only if you offer it in colors other than blue :rolleyes:

I love the chassis…

that robot is sexy

mike d

That’s too clean to be real.

No CIMs but still a 2-motor transmission… such waste isn’t typical of 968. 1 FP + 1 BB545 per side?

No, we’re still using CIMs… they’re just not attached.

using nothing but 40 amp breakers this year eh?