Team 97 Robot

I’d say we’re still at about 80% towards completion…

Our bridge lowering mechanism hasn’t been mounted yet. We have a two stage conveyor of which one can pick up balls, a 4 wheeled shooter and are shooting in the middle hoop height now. We have height and range to back up further and shoot to the third height.

What do you guys think of what we have so far?

Looks pretty cool. Not bad on consistency either! What baskets are you going to shoot for?

I think we’re going to try for the highest as much as we can (or practice with that for now) but whatever is most convenient on the field.

We have a control that aligns our robot up with any selected hoop using buttons on a game controller but the only difficulty we’re having with that is having the camera always recognize the targets… (which yes is a big issue). But once it aligns, using the distance from the camera, it sets a speed to the shooter (we have encoders on both wheels). If I can get this code working with the targets more accurately and tuned for the carpet I think we’ll have a robot that can go for any open hoop. Another worry of mine is carpet turning. We turn much more easily on the floor than we do on the carpet :x

Still waiting for a team to post their bot shooting from a different angle.

I feel like I’ve seen this 600 times.

Looks nice, though.

Be weary of relying entirely on vision processing for shooting. One of our mentors told a horror story in which off-whack lighting in the arena caused some big vision processing issues for his team.

Will make sure, thanks. I’ll probably add another sensor to get the distance so we could rely on something to power up our shooter to a desired speed. We’ll also have optional manual control.

We mounted our in-progress bridge lowerer today. By that, I mean the way it is in the video is how it will be when it is deployed except obviously there will be a bumper. Right now there is rope acting as our locking mechanism. There was a mishap balancing on the bridge :x …it wasn’t centered so we had to drive further to balance it and yea, rammed into a wall (no damage done though, we’re used to it :stuck_out_tongue: we usually don’t get on the bridge there, but we were in a rush :p)

Why? The key is protected.