Team 971 Invites You to Spartan Series 2019!


On behalf of Team 971, Spartan Robotics, I am pleased to invite you to attend our third annual Spartan Series! On September 7th, from 10:00 am - 6:00pm at Mountain View High School, mentors and students of 971 will be hosting lectures with the goal of sharing knowledge 971 has accumulated to help your team succeed in FRC. We are so excited to have a full day of workshops, 15 new presentations, and most of all, have you attend!

The workshops are broken down into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Beginner is for people who have had no prior experience. Intermediate is for people who have participated in a season of FIRST. Advanced is for people who have previous knowledge on the subject. These categories are guidelines to help you get the most out of every workshop.

These are the presentations we are offering this year:


3D Printing: Effectively Utilizing the Markforged - Kayla Blalack

2019 Robot Overview: Tachyon - Sabina Davis & Rishon Shah

From Drawings to a Final Product: a Guide to FRC Manufacturing - Kseniia Staigun

FRC Storytelling Through Multimedia - Steve Silverman

It’s Not About the Robots Anymore…- David Mintz

How to Make Friends & Influence People: FRC Edition - Sabina Davis

Organization: Effective Purchasing a Secret to Success in FRC - Brian Silverman & Wyn Schuh

FRC Sustainability - Wyn Schuh & Finbarr Crispie

I’ll Take Outrageous Outreach for 100: Inventive Outreach and Your Team- Sarah Heimlich

The Secret Sauce: Your Story and How You Tell it- Megan Guttieri


Gear Ratios: Nuances & Effective Design - Nick Crispie

FRC Judging: Maximizing Time & Content - Kristin Weiss

Scouting & Strategy: Case Studies on 971’s Process - Alex Wieland

A CAD Style Guide by 971 - Travis Schuh

Controls 101: Making Robots Dance - Austin Schuh

Prototyping: Simple Principles to Complex Mechanisms - Nick Crispie

Intersection of Electronics, Programming, and Design - Brian Silverman

Breakdown, Brainstorm, Plan & Prototype: Foundations for Successful Robots- Bryan Culver

971’s Software Architecture: A Framework for Advanced Controls - Tyler Chatow

Creativity and Engineering - Aren Hill


Mechanical Design for Controllability - Travis Schuh

Control System Modeling - James Kuszmaul

The Physics and Math Behind Motor Controllers - Brian Silverman

Test Driven Development - Austin Schuh

You can check out the full descriptions here.

The workshop schedule is on the second page of the workshops list. Keep in mind that the workshops Design for Controllability and Test Driven Development are two sessions long. These workshops are normally the most popular.

This year, anyone who is interested in attending the Series is welcome. If there is something you would like to learn, come! If there is someone you want to meet, come! The Series will be a great event to learn, network, and push your limits. Just make sure to RSVP by August 28th.

Please share the google form directly with your team. We will do our best to publish every presentation that is new to the 2019 Series, but keep in mind there are 15 new presentations this year, so not all may be online.

New this year as well, we are open to having a moderated discussion about how other teams operate their leadership in comparison to each other and to what attendees learned at the Series. If you would be interested in participating, please note that when you RSVP. If there is low demand, we will not have this panel.

I will send more information about directions, parking, and logistics closer to September 7th.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

We hope to see you there!


Whose giving this talk? Sounds great!

So with 5 people we could attend every workshop? Tempting. What’s your capacity?


Seriously though, that’s an absolutely stacked schedule! Will they be recorded and uploaded?


According to the Google Doc, it’s BJC.

That is correct, the one and only Bryan Culver will be giving this talk!

Yup! Our overall capacity is ~150, which is higher than historical attendance. If we get close to that point we may have to close registration (so RSVP early), but we want to try and encourage as many people to join us as possible!

The plan is to record and upload all of the presentations that are new for this year!


Will any of the lectures be recorded / live streamed, I would love to take advantage of these resources

Are there any presentations that have been updated over the years? If so, will those be re-uploaded?

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WOW! Those lectures blew my mind. I wish i could attend :frowning:

If possible, could you also upload the presentations used for those lectures?
And if you already have the once that are not brand new stored somewhere - where would that be?

Thanks! This rocks!

Good for you to upload all of the presentations !

Presentations from previous years can be found here on our website.


Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far. We had someone ask when we would let people know what workshops they have gotten into. It will probably be sometime during the week before the event. I will say that right not, none of the workshops have filled up yet. If you want to make sure you get your first choice, sign up soon.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone there.


971 has some fantastic additions in the last couple of years, making our Spartan Series bigger and better.

In the weeks leading up to the event, we’ll be showcasing some of these awesome folks. Check out this spotlight on Bryan Culver.

Make sure to RSVP at:


We have decided to extend the deadline to register until September 1st, although if you have not signed up already, make sure to do so sooner rather than later. We have surpassed 100 sign-ups, and many of the more popular workshops are already near, or at, capacity.


Thank you to the over 200 people who attended Spartan Series 2019! We had such a blast sharing the 971 way with everyone who came! If you have any suggestions or recommendations for future talks, we would love to hear them!

For those who couldn’t attend the series in person, we will be releasing the video recording of the 17 new talks in waves as we go through editing them. We just posted the first wave of videos and their slides on our website, and the rest will be added in the coming weeks. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know when new videos are posted.


More videos have been posted so make sure to check them out on our website!

Also, if there are any topics you would like to hear talks on for next year, please let us know.


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