Team 971 Invites You to Spartan Series 2020!


On behalf of Team 971, Spartan Robotics, I am pleased to invite you to attend our fourth annual Spartan Series! Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, from July 13th to July 25th, mentors and students of 971 will be hosting lectures with the goal of sharing knowledge 971 has accumulated to help your team succeed in FRC. We are so excited to make the most out of this online situation with a different workshop every day, 12 new presentations, and most of all, have you attend!

Please check out the workshop schedule and descriptions here.

This year, anyone who is interested in attending the Series is welcome. If there is something you would like to learn, come! If there is someone you want to meet, come! The Series will be a great event to learn, network, and push your limits.

We will stream each talk through YouTube and send out the link each day.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

We hope to see you there!


Thanks for posting about this!

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Your Google Doc says:

(All times at 5pm PST unless otherwise stated)

@mira Do you really mean PST? Maybe PDT?

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Oops sorry! Thanks for catching that, it’s been fixed now. Looking forward to when we can finally get rid of daylight savings… Making things more confusing than they need to be :wink:


Thanks for doing this. Those topics look very practical. Will the links for each day be posted in this thread?

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Yes! We will post the links to the stream every day.


Hello everyone! We have our first Spartan Series talk this Monday at 5pm Pacific Time!

The link is:

One other update is Jim’s talk on Camera Calibration will be at 2pm Pacific Time.


All of the youtube stream links for this week can be found at the workshop description document: 2020 Spartan Series Workshop Schedule - Google Docs !

Thanks for attending and we hope you enjoy the talks!


UPDATE: Our first workshop, Iteration of Mechanisms, will be here:


Will these talks be uploaded to youtube as normal? As someone on EST I would love to be able to see the talks but its hard to make it sometimes…


Here is a link to the first talk:


Hey everyone!
My name is Zach, team 971 mentor, and tonight I’ll be giving a Spartan Series talk titled:
“Things You’re (Probably) Doing Wrong!”
Want to know the correct way to use a Zip Tie? How about what is and isn’t a Hammer?
I’ll give you all my years of experience turning wrenches and using the wrong glue, condensed, to help you start building the right way!
Please join us at 5pm PST at the following YouTube link and submit questions to the below! (link coming soon**)


“isn’t a Hammer”… That sounds like quitter talk right there. :wink:


Will this cover purely workmanship? Or also other areas like strategy, team structure, etc?

Yes Adam, purely about tools and manufacturing.

2 Likes Here is the link for the talk! All the links are also on our workshop description document.

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Apologies for the delay. We’re live now! Tune in to Zach’s talk on Assembly Tips: Things You’re (Probably) Doing Wrong here:


Hi all! Apologies for our brief technical difficulties during the first 2 presentations. We are learning a great amount from each one and appreciate you sticking with us. In the mean time, please feel welcome to use this form to provide us with any feedback or questions. We are always looking for ways to improve.

Tomorrow, we’ll have panel with an FTA, LRI, and Head Ref about how to prepare and succeed at regionals. Hope to see you there! :smiley:


Tune in and bug a few Key volunteers about some behind the scenes details and what it’s like helping run events!

We have Melissa Smith, Head Ref
Ed Jordan, FTA
Myself, LRI when I can


Behind the field Session is in full-swing - come join us!