Team 973 2010 Drivetrain

Enjoy :smiley:

254 must be proud.

Unless you’ve got mad crazy tricks up your sleeves I don’t suppose you’re going over the bumps.

Not orange???

Fast, though. And I wonder what that compressor is for…

Looks great! I’m surprised by how fast you can turn.

EDIT: Hey Martin, that’s post #100!

I remember the same thing being said about team 1270 in 2007 before they went to the Florida Regional

last years base was black too…

I can’t tell from the short video…what kind of wheels are you rolling on? are they plastic, or are they painted/anodized black?

Very reminiscent of 254’s in '06. looks very well fabricated.

Yeah, well those aren’t 45 degree inclines.

I am not saying it is impossible… …but it may be inadvisable.

Joe J.

Unless they plan on moving at full speed over the bump, Dukes of Hazard style.
From the looks of it, it has enough speed to do it…without any manipulators of course.

the design looks low and compact. tunnel bot?

Looks awesome Adam.

Were there any changes made between this and your offseason prototype 6wd?

They look like plastic BaneBots wheels:

An example -

hint hint

Its Adam’s customs with blue nitrile roughtop tread.

60 wheels
6 wheel robot
10 robots
5 team collaboration?

I’m sorry guys, but this is actually our prototype from the 2009 offseason. I thought the fact that it was powdered, polished and anodized already would be a dead giveaway :D.

Can’t say for sure what we’ll run for season, but we certainly learned a lot from it.

So the wheels were anodized aluminum??


i like it
mike d