Team 973 2015 Robot Reveal

Team 973, the Greybots are pleased to present to you their 2015 robot Sandstorm!

Reveal Video

Sandstorm and 973 will be competing at the Inland Empire and Los Angeles Regional! Also we’d like to thank all of our sponsors for everything this year. It wouldn’t be possible without you guys and a big shout out to Jackie and Lucas, a mentor and student on the team who helped put this all together!

For curious individuals, the link to the original song is here.

I have a new favorite robot design. That is very clever, great job Adam and crew.

i c wut u did their… u wer of a fw lettars so i FTFY

Very nice. I like how the bin arm is packaged with the carriage. I’m loving the innovation. Knowing 973 there’s bound to be something not shown (or not clearly shown) in this video, so no doubt all eyes will be on the Greybots at IE tomorrow morning.

What’s the reasoning behind the large carriage? Lower COG? It looks quite stable.
What are the second set of rollers for?
And most of all:
what wheels are those!? They grip the totes like magic.
Looks like a great robot as always.

Yep. It’s on the real robot as of a couple hours ago, I’ve seen it. (Not shown at all, I believe.)

What it is… Y’all are just gonna have to watch the webcast. I’m not even sure I know what it all does…then again, I haven’t seen their robot in action yet.

Cool design! What wheels are those on the intake?

Nice design! Are those R/C truck wheels?

From what I have seen, they are used to make sure that the totes come into the robot from the human station correctly. We are having a major problem with the totes not landing flat from human station. It has really stumped many teams.

Looks like another great robot. Hope to see you guys in St. Louis again.

Looks great. Good luck to 973.

Love it! Nice song choice too

Awesome HP intake system! Very cool robot design :smiley:

Are there any video’s posted of this robot in action? Specifically the HP roller intake. Also what was the secret element people we’re talking about?

“Use RC wheels to grab RCs”


Totes not landing properly when put through the chute always seems to trip up teams. Those wheels on the front seem to entirely eliminate that problem. I like it.

Man that was da rudest* reveal video I have seen…
Sorry bad pun aside those wheels for grabbing are intense, and they don’t shed like mad when used.

*I’m really sorry about how bad that pun is… I apologize

There are a couple items that aren’t shown in their reveal video that made an appearance at various times in IE. Try looking at their qual matches… then their elimination matches. If you get a decent view, you should notice a difference between their reveal video and their competition configuration(s). Not that they actually used the elimination configuration for its intended purpose (that I saw)… YET.

Man, 973 put out another great machine this year. Does anyone remember what they named it?

Where might I find videos of their qual and elimination matches?