Team 973 Greybots 2019 Code Release

Team 973 is proud to release their code for our 2019 season robot, Fireball! Here is the link to our GitHub repository:

Some unique and interesting features to look for:

  • Custom vision alignment control algorithm used in teleop and sandstorm by running three PID loops off the roboRIO based off Limelight x-offset, y-offset (for real time distance calculations), and target skew/rotation
  • Automated L3, buddy-L3, and L2 climb sequences
  • Limelight as a source for driver feedback
  • State machine to handle automated motions for simultaneous elevator, cargo, and hatch intake
  • Current low-pass filtering for cargo intake
  • Utilizing motion magic control mode on Talon SRXs for elevator motions
  • Using default dashboard as a tool to quickly change vision PID gains for faster tuning sessions (found in the pidinputs branch)
  • GreyDash - custom, real-time dashboard primarily used for tuning PID and reading miscellaneous robot data (based on FRCDashboard pre-electron)
  • GreyCTRE/GreySparkMax Wrapper - used to set default values for all Talon SRXs/Victor SPXs and Spark MAXs
  • Coding style checker at commit following our own style guide (found in the tools folder)
  • Doxygen generated documentation for 973 libraries (found in the docs folder). Check out the documentation website!

Please feel free to ask us any questions!


Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing!

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First, thanks for sharing your work!
Are you using splines trajectories in the sandstorm or just PID loops ?

We are just using vision PID loops to support manual driver control. No spline generation this year.


Congrats on the great season!

Could you expand on the why behind this?

Amazing job!

Current low-pass filtering allows us to implement delay timing for automated state changes.

For our cargo intake, we did this to make sure the ball got all the way in the intake before switching to a stowed state.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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