Team 973 Presents: Predator

Team 973, the Greybots are pleased to present to you our 2014 robot Predator!

Reveal Video

Predator and 973 will be competing at the Central Valley Regional and Los Angeles Regional! Also we’d like to thank all of our sponsors for everything this year. It wouldn’t be possible without you guys!

Another amazing machine from 973. Great job Cory, Adam, and the rest of the Greybots.

Week 2 is shaping up to be something special.

I am also super happy to see the crawler tires making a comeback.

Amazing robot!

What made you guys pick those specific wheels for your intake? And what sort of wheels are they/where could I get them??

This robot really puts the team on its back.

Pretty smooth operation. Noticed that “Emperor Swerve” hasn’t made a comeback… thought your snazzy swerve drive would be well suited for this game.

We didn’t think the swerve was a good fit for the potential brutality of this year’s game.

Makes sense. So what is predator rolling on then? Pretty sure I saw some butterfly prototypes in there.

This robot looks really good.

See you guys in LA, considering I can’t make the trip up to Central Valley. Good luck!

Actually we are not using butterfly this year. We went with WCD 6 wheel.

ooh ooh someones doing it!

Aren is excited.


What, a powerhouse with a blocker?

Nah, he clearly means the nuclear florescent orange bumpers on the second practice robot :wink:

Did I miss the blocker in the video? Please say I did as I’ve been waiting for a team to finally realize that all these Batmans need a Robin.

I’ll let Adam speak for himself on this one.

All I’ll say is I didn’t make that meme…

Good, so then you probably understand the value of the blocker is to play WITH the elite teams with three ball autos (who are smart enough to avoid getting shots blocked). Last I checked, I’d rather play with the 16s, 254s, 1678s than against them. :wink:

You should watch the entire video then. If you do, you can’t miss it.

I’m loving the blocker. Seems as though we were thinking the same thing also, when “building” ours.

Whoa, wait, we’re an elite team?


Are you planning on using the kinect to block auto shots or do you have some other sensor’s you’re using?