Team 987 - 2015 Regional Highlights Video

Just in time for St. Louis…

Team 987 - The Highrollers - 2015 Regional Highlights:

Dallas Regional - Thanks to 148 and 3802
Las Vegas Regional - Thanks to 148 and 5012

Come by our pit at the Championships in Hopper and say hello…Good luck to everyone this week.

  • Trent

Ugh, had to mute it, but otherwise great footage! I love on-board cameras where you can really see the mechanisms in action and details on how they are put together.


Great job Trent, as usual! Thanks for putting this together!

See you guys on Wednesday!

Truly an amazing robot. I can’t wait to see it up close this week! :smiley:

This is delicious! Can’t wait to see it in action this week.

Question: Why do you raise the first two totes so high during the three tote auto?

It’s sets the trashcan at its highest point so that it’s out of the way when we eject the totes.

Looks awesome. Hopefully the prelims schedule stays the same and we get to play together in match 64.

I second that, looking forward to working with both 987 and 2826 in match 64