Team 987 - 2016 highlight video

Check out Team 987’s highlight video from this season, see you at champs!

Amazing robot that’s already started an amazing year - as always. Looking forward to seeing you at champs!

This is an Einstein-level bot, in my opinion. Very fast and accurate high goals.

I love the design, and good luck at worlds!

195 is looking forward to playing with you on Galileo. Hoping to score big in our match together on Friday.

Nice. 987/195/1065 will be a killer quals alliance.

Very nice robot! This could easily be one of the top Einstein contenders for this year!

That shooter arm is just hypnotizingly beautiful.
In the last shot, I thought the robot started to mysteriously climb (even though it was nowhere near the tower). Then I saw the people lifting it. (scared me for a second)

Wow! That’ll be one nasty alliance. That’s a match to go see in person.

How are you climbing at 2:10?

Why is there a belt zip tied inside the bot?

Cause belts can break, that’s why you should also keep a spare serpentine belt in our car.

Humans have picked the robot up off the ground

That belt drove a climber that isn’t installed on the robot.

I stand corrected.

At the end of the video, it was definitely people lifting it up, you could see them on both sides of the camera.

From what I saw, the belt for their climber hasn’t been used on the field.

But I foresee that they’re keeping their belt prepared for a scaling mechanism they’ll be using at champs :wink:

I wish it was true but we used up our weight on other improvements in the end :slight_smile:

Darn! I was really hoping to see you guys integrate something like that. Have you by chance taken inspiration from 842’s cheesecaked grappling hook (you guys were in their alliance anways, you should know about it)? I feel it would be a worthy, lightweight addition.

I’m unsure how your drivetrain works and if it has a PTO, so I can’t say anything beyond that.

Yes, 842’s climbing mechanism is amazing! We thought about implementing it but we upgraded some other stuff on our arm instead. One of these years we’ll actually make a climber!

I was disappointed not to see the final shot you guys made at Vegas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic bot, glad I got to see it up close!

Sounds good! Can’t wait to see you guys at Einstein!

How much does the additional over-the-bumper intake effect intake time vs. without?