Team 987 "BIG SHOT"

Introducing, Team 987’s 2018 season robot…



That’s just a normal H-drive, right? Odd choice, but with the safe zones, it could be pretty viable.

Looks like a very efficient Cube’s robot. Well done guys!

It’s a gamble…no pun intended;)

Looks great! I think you might be beating us on the low weight requirement for a fast cube robot, that’s some really aggressive cheesing. We get to see you at two regionals this year, so I hope we get to play together at least once!

Love it. Lots of neat evolutions of concepts form your 2015 bot. Can’t wait to see it up close at Vegas.

great job 987!

You achieve some cool motions with your intake as the elevator goes up and down.

Is the black object to the left of your elevator tower a camera?

It’s a Limelight.

Nice! Interesting arm type, looks to be pretty good. The big question now is auto, how many cubes in auto? Hope to see you at Houston!

I’m disappointed you guys didn’t put a turret on it this year. :wink:

The robot looks great! Can’t wait to see it in action!

At 0:36 in the video you can see the autonomous sequence. :slight_smile:

Yea, I was talking maximum. There were a couple seconds were little happened.

A work in progress:D

Great looking robot, 987! I must agree with Jeremy, this robot does seem to be the next evolution of your 2015 robot in a number of ways. Sure can’t wait to see how far you get in the auto game :wink:

I’ve got a question that I’ve been thinking about ever since the FUN Reveal Night - how are you rigidly holding the belt for your elevator on the mast? Additionally, how does the setup in the carriage look like for utilizing that belt? I can see a MiniCIM on a VP, but what’s going on after that? I’ve got some guesses for my questions, but I’d enjoy hearing about it from you guys. I really like how well packaged that carriage is as a whole, it’s quite impressive, to say the least!

One of our kids custom
designed a clamp with the tooth profile of the belt that fits inside a slot in the mast top and bottom ends. Another kid then cut them out on our Haas. Another mentor on the team was lead on the carriage so I’ll leave it to him or the kids who worked with him to explain the design. Inspiration was from a table top CNC as I recall.

Attached is a video demonstrating how the carriage works. Link Message me if you need more information -Steve

Thank you Joe and Steve for replying to me so promptly, and thanks for sharing this video!

Out of curiosity, did you guys pick the reveal video song knowing it was the Vegas Golden Knights’ walkout theme? If so my respect for you guys will only increase.