Team 987 Las Vegas Regional Highlights

Below is a YouTube link to our highlights video from the 2013 Las Vegas Regional.

Thanks again to our alliance partners 2403 (Good Luck in Galileo) and 597.

We are looking forward to competing with all the teams in Archimedes next week!!!

Wow! Absolutely amazing machine. Good luck in Archimedes!

Love the way you sped up the frame rate to fit the music in the intro, Trent. Imagine if our shooter really could rapid fire that fast…:smiley:

We were able to get off four shots in less than a second :).
Ill try to find a video

We’re in there!!

Nice video, good luck at Championships.

Love the video. this is my favorite robot of the year. I will be rooting for you to win it all.

Thanks, Joe. Good luck to 195 in Newton!

Thanks!! Your teams were both great in Vegas. Both should be at the Championships!!