Team 987 presents: Jackpott

Video of our 2011 Robot “Jackpott”

See you in Vegas & St. Louis!

Thanks again 254 & 3704 for a great alliance!

Fanstastic robot guys!

Beautiful machine!
I love the ambidextrous scoring.

This is going to be another big year for you guys!


Excellent robot, but I’m most impressed with the skill of your drivers. Great work all around!

This is another great 987 bot. We’re a big fan of the over the shoulder score. I could definitely see this bot ending with similar results to 07. We’ve been wanting to play with 987 since a single match together at the 2006 championships and finally got to make it happen at SD. Looking forward to playing with them in the future as well.

Great robot guys. Can’t wait to play WITH you folks in Vegas.
I love the deployment. :slight_smile:

Great robot, great drivers. It was rare to see them attempt to score and miss by the slightest amount, the tube usually just went straight on.

My prediction; Undefeated at Vegas.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this robot since the release of the game, and you didn’t disappoint. Looks like a great improvement on your dominating 07 robot, I hope we get to play together at champs again!

…and sadly I wasn’t able to go to the San Diego Regional. Maybe we’ll end up in the same division in St. Louis.

254’s machine is amazing this year as always.

Beautiful machine! Being able to score without rotating seems to be a huge advantage in this game, and you accomplish it beautifully!

Did your drivers get any practice time in before the event? They drive the robot very well!

Yes, the team acquired the old wood shop just before the beginning of the season. The drivers have a full competition field to practice. They put in many hours pre ship and several more post ship with a practice bot. The team is very lucky to have this accommodation. When I was a student on the team we had to set up a field in the cafeteria when we wanted to practice.


wow that is an awsome robot haha im the driver for team fusion #364 and that robot is like one in the same with ours hope to have a great bayou regional and it looks like we might be going to nationals also :smiley: