Team 987 San Diego Highlights Video

Thanks to Mike and Justin for playing our highlights video from the San Diego Regional on FRCTop25 tonight.

Here is the YouTube link:

Thanks again to our alliance partners in San Diego, Team 254 and Team 1138.

Thanks for putting this together Trent! 987’s robot is amazing this year.

Wow, not only were the shots accurate and lightning fast, but your drivers just swerved that robot through the tight opposition so smoothly! This video was nothing short of stunning!

…That was before the full court shooting. I am in awe.

Thanks for the kind words Aaron. I know our driver in particular will appreciate your nice comment about his driving.

987’s drivers are lights out every year, and this one is no exception. Incredible machine, I really hope we get a chance to play with you at Champs.

Grats on the win!

So much more impressive to see up close. Very cool guys, can’t wait to see you guys at worlds.

Thanks, Zach!! Great work on FRC Miner and Megaphone this year.


The midline autonomous was one of my first jaw-drops for the season. Good work guys.

Is that all encoder/gyro or are you sensing the line or anything?

This explains all the high scores coming out of SD this weekend! Well done 987! I love the turreted, angle-adjusting shooter, it is a work of art.

Hope to make it to champs and see it in person!


That double-axis turret has all of us programmers drooling…

What wheel do you run on your shooter?

This. Is. Impressive.

Keep that winning streak up! I want to see if you guys can do it all the way through CMP this year! :wink:

So do we;)

That autonomous only uses encoders+gyro.

The wheel is a 2008 KoP wheel available from andymark. This is after we blew tread a few times on an AM performance wheel. See Joe Barry’s thumb for details (and students wearing full face shields during testing).

Love this robot :smiley:
Good to know the legacy will roll on after the Mauro’s have left :wink:
Beautiful driving Curtis and Brandon.
Couldn’t be happier with the team coming together and creating such a wonderful machine.
Undefeated season here we come… (Knocks on wood)

Amazing robot, I am really glad I went to SD as a spectator. It was a lot of fun watching that robot score. I thought the vertical conveyor for ground pickup of frisbees was really clever. Sure gave the robot a lot more space to work with.

Did you go with an onboard computer again?

A fantastic robot from one of my personal favorite FRC teams. Everything looks very well executed, as is expected from you guys. It’s a shame we only see you at Championship! 148 is going to have to head out to Vegas in the coming years…

Nope, all cRio :slight_smile: