Team 987 Segment on Al Jazeera America

Hey there guys,

Just got word that a segment on our team and the trip to China with 525, 694, and 1595 will air on America Tonight, Al Jazeera America’s primetime news program. It will also air on Saturday as part of the TechKnow program.

It will also be posted online. I will post the appropriate link when this happens. America Tonight airs here at 6pm, and TechKnow airs Saturdays at 1:30, but check your local listings as it may be different in your time zone.

We have not yet seen the segment, so we’re excited about it. Initially, it was only supposed to be a part of the TechKnow program airing on Saturday, but the producers liked the segment so much they wanted to air it during primetime.

It was a great opportunity to talk about FIRST and our team, and will be broadcast in over 250 million English speaking households! Tune in if you have the opportunity. We’ll be watching too!

Congratulations High Rollers. I don’t have cable so I’ll either have to watch at a friends, or get it online.

I had trouble finding a local listed broadcast. As soon as they post it online, please link us. It was a lot of fun following you guys this summer!