Team 997 Lifter

This is our lifter.
It starts out in a folded up position and plays defense throughout the match.
near the end of the round it returns to the home zone and deploys two, (approximately) 4 foot tall “wing” which are raised using 4, 11 inch stroke/1.5 inch bore pneumatic pistons. The platforms are made out of a honeycombed cardboard center with either plexy glass or carbon fiber material on the top and bottom. They are strong and weigh between 4-5 pounds each. It can lift both platforms individually without tipping the robot. It sits on a track system with 4 cim motor and the Andy Mark 2-speed drive trains, although we did remove the higher speed to take off weight, and in high speed it was to fast to control.

It was designed to do one thing, and one thing well. :cool:

Beautiful bot guys, its was fun being pit neighbors

how do you get your partners over 12" high when it looks like you start at 1" high and stroke out 11" ?

Same to you 1983,
you guys had an awesome pit (i think you even won an award for its colors?)
and that bot really came together on the first day, I really liked the idea for grabbing tubes then turning them sideways to score. The way your crate held all your tools and had places to hang everything was really a space saver, but did you guys have to pay overages on shipping costs?
BTW your mascot really rocked :wink:

Out pistons start out fully contracted when the platform is on the floor, then we have our 1 inch Angle Stock and the .5 inches from the platform material. this gives us a little leeway, just for good measure.

I was glad to be in Portland to watch your robot in action. The final match really amazing! Best of luck at Nationals.

im not sure about overages but if there are any they are worth it. And yes we did win the imagery award.

Looks great. :slight_smile:
We considered this when we were in the prototyping stage. The biggest draw back we thought would be if someone hit one of the wing end cylinders and bent it.

actually, we have support and protection when raising and lowering the platforms, they are attached to the feet at the bottom…

Did you guys say you used carbon fiber? what are the rules on that? someone told me that it was illegal i might be mistaken but ye?

Yeah one of our platforms is carbon fiber coated, and one is fiberglass coated(I said plexy glass the first time, my bad)
I don’t think that it is illegal to use but I have not looked it up… yet

Carbon Fiber is ok
Way to go 997, glad to see an Outback MFG team make it!

We’ll be seeing you guys (and gals) in Davis, this time w/ a robot that can do more then drive around w/ tracks. :slight_smile:

How do you guys lower your platforms?

696 used pneumatic lifters too. We (1070) have a lift similar to yours but we powered it with two CIM motors.

ok a bit of suggestion if u have the weight, add a small ramp so bots can get on it easier, alot of bots that i have noticed have under a inch of ground clearance

Just dump the air, no?

We did add ramps during day 2 of the PNW regional. They worked quite well and we will be making them even better for the Davis regional and championship event!

Clarification: How do you deploy your platforms from the vertical position they begin in to the horizontal position they are in when actually lifting 'bots? is it just a “let it fall and hope it doesnt break” sort of thing, or is there some other system I’m missing in the pic?

//Dillon Compton

997, your robot rocked. I remember seeing you guys at the scrimmage a couple weeks before the regional and our entire team agreed that you’d be going into the finals, if not winning. and you won

We’ll be seeing you at the Davis Sacramento Regional. Hopefully we’ll have match or two with you this time. Good luck!

looks good see you at davis :slight_smile:

one the support pieces for the feet stick out completely to the other platform where we have a pneumatic cylinder that shoots through a whole in the rod, and they are pulled apart by a budgie cord, when we retract the pneumatics, the bungee pulls them apart.
and yeah they just fall, but we looked at all of our parts and they don’t hit to hard, they are just like big flaps so the air resistance helps out, also nothing is welded together so we don’t have to worry about any of it cracking