Team Apparel- Ideas?

So, every year my team has designed and bought t-shirts and hoodies during season. However, next year would mark our fifth year of this. As much as I love hoodies, I feel like there should be a change.

Any ideas for other team apparel? What sort of stuff do other teams typically get? Just want some opinions :slight_smile:

Hats, pants, socks…none of those are uncommon. MOST teams seem to just do t-shirts and hoodies, but the only limit to what you get is your students’ budget. My personal favorite is bandannas, since they can be worn in multiple ways and just generally look nice and spirited.

Does your team have a mascot, or some other image that you play to?

This year, our team added something new. We had Hawaiian-style shirts designed that included our logo and robot themes in the fabric. It has added a different look to the team and is fun. We also tried out Throwback Thursday this year that I’ve heard about from some teams out east. That would have been more fun for me if I hadn’t cut up most of my old shirts for a tee-shirt quilt this winter. :o

One thing I liked that we did was to wear our polos on Friday in support of the CA presentation team who wear polos and black slacks. To me, it creates a unified look and it shows support for their efforts in a quiet and respectful way.


Jane could you post a picture of those Hawaiian shirts? I want to be able to picture it better.

Our mascot is unofficially a pink unicorn and each year we’ve had a pink unicorn or flaming unicorn on our apparel. We actually are considering changing our team name to the “Fighting Unicorns,” so unicorns are a huge theme here.

Yes. I’ve uploaded a photo to CD-Media and when it is approved, I’ll provide a link in this thread.

I lobbied for wearing these on Saturday because I felt that it would generate interest and positive energy in a fun, delightfully relaxed, and confident way. We did receive a lot of positive feedback on them, including early morning breakfast compliments by other guests at the hotel where we stayed. They loved them. (I think it is because they are purple.)

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the photo featuring our 2010 Lone Star WFFA, Danny Diaz, and his wife, Dawn, and daughter, Olivia.

We have jackets (more sports warm-up style than hoodies) and t-shirts. We had brown berets in the past that people would decorate individually (they were supposed to look like cookies), but we’ve vetoed them the last 2 years.

One thing I found this year that I really like is that you can custom order Converse sneakers. I went a little nuts with this and designed 4 or 5 different team shoes. I eventually bought one pair (which you can see in my avatar). They even offer embroidery, so I put the team number on mine. They’re kinda pricey, but my mom thought they were the coolest things she’d ever seen so she helped me pay for them.

I’ve also seen teams with pants, jumpsuits, vests, and hair (192).

I like your idea of using unicorns in your team name. People would remember the unicorn team. However, Fighting (Noun) is really cliche.
What about Unicorn Attack?

robot unicorn attack is a pretty funny game I think it’d be funny to see a team go after it. Just my two cents.

Team 3780 is already named Robot Unicorn Attack. They used the theme very well at WPI - I’ve been meaning to put up pictures.

I know one of your mentors would LOVE one of these in pink and black,Category.asp


There is a never ending list of stuff you can do if you are willing to be a bit crazy.

I have thought about doing Varsity Jackets for Bacon since we aren’t a school team. There are also shirts with scented ink. Many kinds of hats. You could do zip hoodies instead of pullovers. You could do warm up jackets with matching pants.

Pink does full on matching board shorts, shirts and socks for the whole team and it looks amazing.

Just let your imagination run wild!

(hats with a big horn for everyone)

Thank you so much for all of your help! My team will definately appreciate the suggestions :smiley: