Team ASAP 2017 bellringer

Every year, we build a bell ringing robot for the Salvation Army, and this year, we decided to make it a bit more compact.

1 CIM per side of the drivetrain
6 4 inch colson wheels
PG188 bell arm
Victor 888 motor controllers

So now robots are putting SA volunteers out of work, too??? :stuck_out_tongue:

It still needs a driver and someone to thank people. :slight_smile:

Edit: You also need people to build the robot! This is actually CREATING jobs, and manufacturing jobs at that!

Very cool idea! Neat design too.

Very cool.

I’ll bet that robot really strikes a chord in your local community!

Thank you! The design is somewhat based on our competition drivetrain, albeit using a 6 wheel non-drop drivetrain instead of an 8 wheel drop. It’s also not clear from the video, but the gearbox is integrated into the drivetrain rather than being a separate thing.