Team Banner Size

I’m designing a banner for our team to hang over our pit and I’m not sure about the sizing. What’s an appropriate size for a banner for a pit?

Pits are usually 10’x10’, so a 8-10 foot long banner, probably 2-10 feet tall.

If you are going to have it in your pit, it can be no longer that 10 feet wide, because that is the pit size (10ft x 10ft) for length, however long you want, but you may have tool boxes and shelves covering it depending on your pit set up

It could be up to 40 ft long and double sided but if too high then you couldn’t get into your pit.

Please remember that 10x10 is not a guaranteed size. Make sure to plan for less space.

We have a 4’x8’ banner, made by a generous sponsor, that we hang in the back of our pit space. The 4’ height is maybe even a little bit tall based on our set-up, with things set on a tabletop in the back of the pit - which covers some parts of our banner.