Team Banquets

Hey everybody! I was just wondering what your team does during their end of the year banquet. That is, if you have one.

Tonight is 648’s banquet. During this banquet we:

  1. Present awards to team members.

  2. Honor our sponsors.

  3. Show a cumulative “Best of 648” video… in which I made with the help of SOAP 108.

  4. New to this year… we will be honoring each engineer individually by having one or two students say a few words about those engineers.

  5. And of course, we chow-down! (This year we get steaks and pork-chops!)

We do the exact same things (really - that’s the list right there). Though we also invite potential sponsors and people/administration from the school. The dinner is 2 hours long and will be May 18th this year for us.

Last year our team had a very nice banquet at the Coast Guard Academy. We had an end of the year slide show with pictures from the season, presented our 5 year mentor awards, honored our sponsors, and gave out our team’s “paper plate awards” to each student. We were aso honored by a proclamation from the CT state governmet, declaring the week of the banquet, “Techno Tick Week” in CT. Also at the end we gave all the seniors gifts and spoke a little about them and what they meant to our team.

Plus last year one of our mentors had a new baby tick, so we gave him little Team 236 sweatshirts for the baby.

It was a very nice formal event, but this year I think we’re mixing it up with a barbeque or picnic for the team.

We do this too, and we focus on a fun time. For the past few years, this “team party” has been held at my house. Luckily, we have good weather and everyone stays outside.

We eat, give each other awards (silly and serious) and enjoy each other’s company. I just got some pictures back and I’ll post some of the better ones.

This year, we had 4 grills going and 90 people in attendance.

Andy B.

I forgot to mention, this year we are going to give to our seniors $100 per membership year for college. It is our own little scholarship award. This year they will get $300 b/c most have been on the team for 3 yrs. Next year many will get $400 b/c they will have been in it for 4 yrs. Get the jist? Yah. Many of the awards that have been given out were silly this year they will mostly be serious.

Parties at the Baker residence. Aahhh, those were the days!

Our team (N.E.W. Apple Corps) has both a team banquet and a team party. Our banquet is nearly identical to 648’s in terms of content. One nice touch from our students is that each one writes a letter to a mentor (or two) thanking them for their dedication to the team as a whole and their impact on the individual student. I received several that made me smile and brought me to tears. It’s amazing the impact we have on these young heroes-in-the-making! In addition the students gave the mentors each a t-shirt that said “Tobor VII - It was worth the WEIGHT!” Needless to say, the 130# limit nipped us again this year!

Our banquet was last week Thursday and our team party is on July 1st. The party is a nice way to bring everyone back together during the summer for some fun and cameraderie. For both events we invite mentors, students, parents, sponsors, and other “dignitaries” from the school and community. We include both current team members and alumni of the team so our attendance has the potential to get pretty big!

Banquets are an awesome way to recognize the all the individuals who play a vital role on our teams. We need them all or we can’t FUNction!

Hope all your banquets are a blast!!


in our team that night is known as “Award Night” when students from the team gets recognized for thier dedication… also we have a demo with our bot for those parents who never saw it in reality but pictures… also our team is doing an end of the year picnic… when we will go out to a park and have fun…

This year we had a potluck thing…every team family brought a dish of some sort…there was a lot of good food. After we were done eating we had a presentation. Our Video team compiled ten years of footage from our rookie year (1995) to now (2004, for all of you that have been cryogenically frozen). It described each years game and told how we did, so that was pretty cool to see how all the competitions have modernized and grown, and how we have grown in our skills involving the competition (we actually built a catapult in 95). Afterwards, we ate cake and cookies. So, there was a fun time had by all.

Also we honored everyone who deserved it, including our mentors and their families and the families of all of our students. We don’t give out awards at our banquet.

Our team is doing a cookout with the team and the mentors. Its just a time for us to get together, all team members, the mentors, and their families are invited. We are trying to have it during a time when the mentor’s families can be in attendance as they gave up a lot of time to us that could have been spent with their families.

We do ours on a Saturday at a team member’s home with a BBQ. However it is pretty similar to the list of what everyone else does!

We give awards to mentors, seniors, and leadership team members, officially install our new leadership and have a good time right before school gets out!

We just go for the team party… We show our team video which usually goes for 15-20 minutes but this year the party is early and we won’t have enough time… We are having a pool party for about 50 people… Its always a blast… We get awards, and stuff like that… Its soooo fun!!! volleyball, basketball, whiffle ball, football, oh god its endless!!! Ours is going to be in late June… I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Cyber Blue 234 has a banquet. All we do at ours is pretty much the same as many of yours. Awards, a best of video that I made(making 40 hours of video, into 4 minutes…that was tough), talk a little bit about our season, honor those who went above and beyond, good food, good company, good inspirational words. It is great.

222’s is more of a fun get together party/ picnic @ Fred’s house. Food, Fun, Pool, Awards to engineers and students, re-elections for office. The list goes on and on. (Along with mysterious waterballoons falling from the sky??)


well, on friday we are going out for a meal at a place ccalled “Chilis” which does gfreat tex mex food, i think we will be doing the rest of the things etc after the exams are over for all the students

We have a “Team Picnic” every year, this year it is on May 22. All team members, family, alumni, sponsors, and even some of the guards to the Dupont site we work at are invited. We get some catered food, all of the students get awards from the subteam they worked on during the season. Then, many many many gag awards are given out. We watch a video reflecting on the season, and then have some time to run around and have fun.

The HOT team has their banquet in the ‘Cruiser Cafe’ inside the Milford GM Proving Grounds, May 18. It is going to be catered by a local resturant ‘Perriez’ (sp?). We give out awards to the outgoing seniors and the students pool money to buy and give a mentor of the year award. A season highlight video is put together by Chairman’s group member, Chris K. This is shown sometime during the evening. And of course our team leader (and esteemed emcee), Dave Verbrugge gives a wonderful speech for the attendees. People who attend are: Team members, parents, mentors, and other distinguished guests.
All in all, an awsome night. :smiley: