Team behavior at alliance selections

There was a situation today at the troy athens regional at alliance selections that was very uncalled for. Our student that was picking the alliance was unsure what team to choose for the last choice. One of our mentors at the edge of the field held up a sign with team xxxx’s number to help out.

A parent from team xxxx then started yelling and screaming at our mentor about this, attempting to cause a seen while one of their students went to a ref to “tattle” on us for braking a rule that doesn’t exist. (xxxx did the same thing to give a team number to their picker and no one cared) Yelling and screaming at our mentor for doing something completly within the rules is not being graciously professional and was a somewhat embarassing situation. This behavior should not happen at a FIRST competition, especially from the xxxxx.

I too feel like this should not be a punishable offense. Many teams in fact do this for alliance selections, since the whole scouting team can’t be out on the field at the same time. Even my own team has done this in the past to communicate a team number.

I feel it is very unfortunate that the parent acted like they did, but not everyone feels the same way on this topic. Many persons and teams prepare their picking/scouting lists before hand, and feel like their hard work has been put to waste if they see someone else giving team number hints to those picking. What you have described is sad reminder that many teams do not respect the things other teams do. I mean no offense to Team xxxx or to the individual, but just wanted to state that everyone has their individual opinions on a topic, and that it should be in the spirit of Gracious Professionalism that everyone involved with FIRST be accepting of other team’s practices.

While we are on the topic of behavior during alliance selections, I would like to point out another thing that happened at Troy that really bothered me.

I was sitting with Team 573 viewing the event as a spectator, and when it came down to the alliance selections there was a very large amount of noise behind the bleachers. I was curious to see what the ruckus was about, and to my disappointment I saw many members from many teams playing basketball behind the bleachers. The fact that persons would play basketball and cause a large amount of noise (so much noise in fact that I couldn’t hear the PA system) during such an important part of the event is disappointing to me. As noted in this thread, many persons play gameboys during speeches, but what baffles me is that you come to an event with your team just to end up playing basketball behind the bleachers. I find it to be extremely disrespectful to simply not care that much about the event that you would ruin the experience for others by causing such a distraction.

In the future I would find it beneficial for Troy Athens and Team 226 to raise up all of the basketball nets for next year so that this problem won’t happen next year.

Why exactly do you feel the need to call out specific teams on Chief Delphi? Are you seeking to embarass them? What positive result to you seek by bringing this sort of thing to the internet, on a forum with no official standing nor official weight?

I can understand if you had phrased this without team numbers, in a hypothetical manner. Then, perhaps, the team who did something you disagree with could participate in the discussion in a non-hostile manner and members of Chief Delphi could add in their opinions without anyone being hurt, insulted, or any other of the many negative results of your actions. THAT would be a positive result, because everyone could discuss it and air their opinions without any harm being done.

I’m not agreeing with what happened. I wasn’t there, and as always there are two sides to the story. But bringing it here to this forum in the manner that you have really serves no purpose, other than to possibly drag another team’s name through the mud.

These are the sort of things that either need to be handled face to face, or need to be brought to the head ref’s attention to sort out. Complaining after the fact on a world-wide forum that has absolutely no power to correct anything that happened really won’t help solve anything.

Edit: This is directed at the first post. Not the second.

We did the same thing at Philly today, except I yelled out picks to our driver… Twice.

There’s no rule against it, and teams do it all the time. I wouldn’t get too upset about it, some people just get angry…

Alright I know exactly how you are feeling rough day today, FRC comps are long long days… Here is what I am going to suggest, take a couple of days and this about this… if in a week you are still upset with this I suggest you talk to your mentors about this maybe they can give you some insight. In all sincerity stuff does happen and it can be upsetting. sometimes it is better to just take some time and calm down abit before telling the whole world about every bad thing that happens at a competition.

I am going to close this thread. I think that it will do no good, or cause a positive outcome.

-Mike Schroeder