Team Brochures/Examples


For the first time our team wants to create so informational brochures. I tried looking some up for inspiration, but only found ones that were pretty old. Does anyone have examples of what their brochures look like, and what they use them for?


Here’s our brochure from about a year ago, used when soliciting sponsors. We typically do a personal presentation and use this as a leave-behind, but we also have them handy at most of our demos because you never know when you’ll meet a potential sponsor.

SHS Tiger Robotics Sponsorship Solicitation Brochure - 2 Dec 2016.pdf (1.27 MB)

Thank you!

This is the brochure for team 6336 for this season.

Handout Javawockies.pdf (1.34 MB)

Are you looking for handouts for sponsors about your program itself or more?

We have these for sponsor Ohana…

This is the back side,
we have something similar to what GeeTwo about our program on the front.

We went with a cultural flair…

We are in process of rebuilding our website and hope to have the missing pieces up very shortly. Such as our judges handouts, coloring books, etc…


We’ve gone through a few iterations of this brochure, but here is the latest sponsorship solicitation brochure

FoleyFreeze_Sponsorship_Brochure_2018.pdf (1.83 MB)

Here is our general one for our girls team last year. We also do a robot spec sheet to hand out to teams at comp.

Girls Brochure 2017 (1).pdf (278 KB)


Basically we’re looking for a variety of informational handouts we can have on hand in case of sponsors, interested parents, and other team members. I’ve broken our needs down into two specific sections - Handouts for Judges/Teams and Handouts for Potential Sponsors. The former would detail team growth, current sponsors, outreach activities, and overall impact. The later would outline what our costs go to, sponsorship levels, and contact info. Looking at some examples of team’s handouts, it seems we can combine both of these into one document, saving paper.

I love the cultural flare in your sponsor materials! It’s really interesting/different. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much to everyone! Considering we haven’t had an updated brochure in years, I’m excited to take this back to the marketing/development team to get some inspiration for our own.

Here are some useful resources from Team Neutrino.