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My team has decided we need to make a brochure discussing what we are about and our goals for this year. There is much talk right now about raising money from small businesses, and this is what we would like to hand the manager of businesses in the community when we as for donations. I know many teams out there have brochures that they hand out at regional competitions and for other uses. What information do most teams stick in them, and how do they design them? We are considering a tri-fold brochure, I’m not sure what program we will be using to make it. Is this the best way to go at it? What pictures/information should we include? Do any of the other teams on CD have examples of their team’s brochure that we can use for a template?


our team made brochures to hand out to sponsors when we ask for donations-we actually made up a folder type thing to bring with us to show the businesses

our brochure contained: what FIRST was about, a lil about our team, what schools we are made up of-- things we have done and awards that we have won-- and photos of our team and students working and having fun. we use our current bot, s.a.m. for this year’s brochure

in the folder we have our sponsorship forum, the brochure from FIRST, a current newsletter of our team and contact information

i believe the person that made ours, Mr. Higgins did it on publisher

i hope that helps you guys out–any questions just ask, always willing to help

This year Team007 decided to try to streamline. A one-page sponsorship letter, a 3 page wish list and a one-page color brochure that is often copied in B&W to save money. I did it in Microsoft Home Publishing, cut and paste into Word. There is probably a better package in the Kit of Parts, but it is what I had on my computer at home.There are many teams that do a tri-fold brochure and hopefully they will post examples. That said, like many of you, they are way behind in fundraising.
I’m having trouble with attachments right now and will try to post later.

RAGE has a tri-fold double-sided color brochure which is used in mass mailings for fundraising, handed out at our car washes, etc. and is used for a number of other things as well. It was created in Microsoft Word. We also have a one-sided pit sheet describing our robot which is available at competitions in our pit area. And we have a one-sided wish list that we also distribute. I’ve attached the pit flyer but the brochure is too large to attach to this message. I will ask that our Web Site committee add it to the Resources section of the RAGE web site so you can view it there.

pit_flyer.doc (74 KB)

pit_flyer.doc (74 KB)

The Technokats had a little piece of paper we would hand out to people who came by our pits. It had the basic info most people asked. They were very beneficial. It’s a great idea! Just don’t put useless stuff on it. Keep it basic and have it answer the basic questions people ask.


188 uses two approaches during the course of a normal season. For new or potential sponsors, we send a cover letter on school letterhead explaining some basic details about our team and our costs, as well as a one page graphic that has photographs and the like from our team. We just started this for the 2005 year. In 2004 as well as this year for build season, we send out updates using MS Publisher newsletters (just the front page) at different times in the season, from beginning of build to end to pre and post competition to all of our sponsors. As for pit handouts, we used them extensively last year, and an example can be found on in the attachment graphic.

We have a whole set of documents for our patron drive that we use. Our students have a whole folder that they use to approach businesses for donations for the team travel monies. We have letters, forms, etc up there. You can take a look at our documents on our website on this page:

We also have a trifold brochure that we use to hand out at events (carwashes, recruiting, etc). The original is in microsoft publisher, but is too large for me to post. The pdf also is apparently too large, so I can post them on our website tonight, and I will try and link to this thread.

I have linked our flier in publisher format here:

and in pdf format here:

I went to my orthodontist yesterday and asked for money. I got the response that he would be happy to donate, but we need a sponsorship form of some sort in order for their business to write a check. Will some other teams please post example of what their form or contract looks like along with what information they hand the business owners? This information that is handed out to the other teams in the pits is useful, but as for right now I am mainly concerned about what is handed when trying to get donations. However, the idea to have a flier in the pit hadn’t really occurred to me, and I’ll try to be sure we have a separate one made up somewhere down the road. Thanks everyone, keep the help coming!