Team Budget Per Season

Hi Teams,

I’m curious about your team budgets. We are a third year team from a small rural community in Ontario, Canada and would like to share this information with our potential sponsors to show them what we are up against.
It’s quite difficult in our area to raise enough money to compete in this very worthwhile but expensive program.
We are fortunate to receive funding from our school board but even with that, last season we just broke even.
We must skimp on costs where possible and re-use as much as possible.
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We normally spend about $12-14k per year, but this past year we did well enough to go to regionals & worlds’, and spent twice that much. And we’re lucky enough to have our meeting-space donated, so almost all of our expenses go to registration fees and robot part purchases.

20-30k per year, I think, on average. We always attend a home regional, which involves 200 mile trip and hotel rooms, plus an out of state regional, which has even more travel. Some years we make it to Champs, but winning helps with fundraising (strange how that works out).

My last team was in a rural area as well and our budget looked like this:
Registration 5000
Robot parts and tools 1500
Travel (2 Vans/ scary cheap hotel) 1000
Everything else 500

Their are factors to cost of team budgets

  1. number of students
  2. number of events
  3. type of robot
  4. travel/hotel
  5. food
  6. media/outreach
  7. miscellaneous

So depending on your situation or everyone else’s is different, like I know teams with 10k or teams with 100k as budgets but it is cause of the program and team they are running and the number of sponsors they have contacted.

It’s pretty interesting how different teams budgets are.

We spend just under $50,000 a year. That includes everything we do, hotels, transportation, etc.

I’ve heard of teams spending around $6,000 total and I’ve also heard of teams spending $120-$150 thousand as well. Some of those big budgets include FTC, VEX, FLL, or other teams as well not just FRC but their entire robotics programs.

As a fourth year rural Indiana team we have budgeted $13,500 for each of the past three seasons. Had we elected to accept a very last min. Championship invite we would have doubled that budget.

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Thanks for the thread. I’ve been looking for the answer to this question for a while. Asking around, I’ve found team budgets seem to fall anywhere between 10k$ per year to as much as 80k$, depending on how many events they attend, how far they travel, and what costs are on or off their books (for instance whether travel and accommodation costs are covered by parents, or workspace and insurance costs are covered by the school).

My team fell somewhere in the middle last year. Our expenses can be broken down into the following groups, in order of cost from least to most money:

  1. Tools and shop equipment (for our first year)
  2. Robot parts
  3. Jerseys and printing
  4. Registration (one event & champs)
  5. Travel & Accomodations (to St. Louis)

The last two forming about 2/3 of our budget. Raising that kind of money is tough. We have a lot of work left to do fundraising ourselves. I do think schools, sponsors and parents get a lot of value for their money though, so I hope you succeed!

Our budget is the same. We have 30 to 45 members. We try to go to states and world’s. We splurge some. We take a bus down and the team covers some hotel costs.

We have about 60-70 students (maybe more this year) and spend ~50K annually

As many have said above, it really depends on the amounts of students & where you’re from.

We’ve been going to 1 regional + worlds for three years in a row. And our budget has been expanding since our first season.

In the infographic is our budget for this season. Based on ± 55 people going to 2 Regionals & Worlds. (Hopefully worlds)

So a big change for us this season!
From 36 people to 55 this year, and two regionals instead of one.

Our 2015 season budget was: 150k.

All our costs are €’s.
€198.500 = $ 225.000

You guys continue to be one of those teams I am amazed by. I hope we get to see you in St Louis again this year.

Our team is planning on spending $50k this year if we qualify for Championships like last year. Without, it’ll obviously be less. Our rollover as far as I know was pretty minimal and will hardly make a dent. We get most of our money from small business sponsors and student participation fees but we’re hoping to get some larger corporate sponsors this year.

May I ask about the size of your student participation fees?

I certainly appreciate all of your replies. Keep them coming.


We’re in Los Angeles where costs are high but there are several regular and off season events relatively close; no need for hotels and etc. But this year we want to compete at three regionals, and have set a budget of 45k. Were we to win one and go to the national level, it would be another five grand plus travel and lodging and other stuff.

We do a lot of off-season work in the Shop (the former high school auto shop), teaching during the summer and fall, and use materials and equipment meanwhile. From the perspective of the community, the skills you build into your students will eventually take them to jobs in the community, and the marketing angle is that these students are the future of the local economy.

It’s hard for administrators with no real workplace experience to get past the visuals in the Shop and understand the meaning behind them: skills for real jobs that command a decent wage. Then there’s the sports angle- some admin who don’t get the robot thing will get the competition thing and sometimes support the team. You are pretty much in the same category as the hockey team, football team, the marching band when it comes to getting people to contribute. For some teams, creating a non-profit corporation is helpful to get donations for tax write-off purposes. Don’t know Canada law on this though.

May I ask about the size of your student participation fees?[/quote]

I would be interested to know that as well. $50,000 is a whole lot to just come from small business donations and student fees.

I can do a much larger breakdown when I have some time, but 1923 hits about $130k.

That includes the FRC team (hotel & travel costs, build materials, tools, apparel, you name it), as well as registrations for two FTC teams, a large handful of FLL and Jr. FLL teams (who also raise their own money beyond what the Inventors allocate to them), and running an FRC, and FTC, and 2 FLL events in our schools during the year. Also coming down the road, a scholarship in memory of one of our students as well, details still being worked out.

We raise that money through team member fees, support from parents & friends of the team, sponsorships & grants, as well as fundraisers at the events we host.

If I remember right 1058 was around $20k-$25k last year.

Wow, what a great infographic and your team and sponsor growth is awesome!