team budgets

We’re a rookie team, and we’re planning out our spending for the year, and trying to see how much we need to get from sponsors. Can some of the teams post their budgets from last year? Last year rookie team budgets would be especially useful.

Also, things like:

Does the team budget pay for travel expenses for the students, or do the students pay themselves?

How much money should we allocate for t-shirts, buttons, stuff like that?

All help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

no matter what your always going to want more sponsor money. for a rookie team attending 2 regionals, i’d say that 12,000 will cover everything you’d need

Our excel budget shows past years and current years budget. The years are at the bottom to click on.


it’s not completely accurate for this year. TRW only gave us $5000. Raytheon didn’t come thru. Haven’t heard from Boeing, we’ll be changing our expectations of what we’ll be spending money on, or how many kids/adults can be paid for to go on trips.

BTW, we started in '97.