Team Bylaws Examples/help

Our team’s board is going to be meeting this weekend to create a set of bylaws laying out how the team works, and what the responsibilities of each board member are. Could anyone provide examples/the document that is used by their team? I’m not asking for a template; we already know how are team works, it’s just a matter of getting it written down. Anything anyone could provide would be a huge help.

Here is our handbook. It’s probably a little out of date, however, this should give you a good look for what you are looking for.

One suggestion.

Make the your bylaws VERY generic, and stay away from trying to specify everything.

This was learned the hard way on our team. Over time our rules became far more flexible, and that was good for everyone.

Instead of setting hard dates, put language in that it’s up to this mentor or that leader, and so on. Nothing ever goes the way you want it to, so it’s good to make it up to the person who best knows, rather than having some rule that says x has to be done by date y.