Team Challenger

So! Team Challenger has foolishly made me the Head of Marketing, and we recently obtained a Cafe Press site.
I’ll post the finished lineart and finished products here, but here’s a logo that I sketched out and collabed with another member to digitally ink.
It’s only a lineart, so omit coloring possibilities in your imagination for now.

Done in Illustrator

Most of the members were part of a rocketry program before we gathered to become the team this year, and we wanted to incorporate the shuttle into our design. It was originally a stencil for a V2 and a Warlock we made in the fall, but a little tweaking proved to be fairly effective.

Older concepts:

-Current applications:

-Intended applications:
*Cafe Press items
-T shirts
-tote bags

Here’s something fun I made for Motorola. Her name is ‘Motolola’. Originally I was just goofing about, but our advisor caught it and is currently talking with their marketing/legal departments. I’m very excited about what could happen.

Rough Scan

VERY quick rough images made per request of advisor. Quality and size lowered to be a bit more versatile over the web.

Done in Photoshop


Intended Applications:
*Name of robot
*Potentially mascot?
*Whatever we can get Motorola to approve!!


adrian i love you

Nicely done.
You should run a team comic strip through your site.
You definately have the talent for it and it would be a unique and fun touch.

Thanks! :smiley:
I actually do plan on making a small ‘profile comic’ describing the team to distribute during regionals.

A continuous stream of comics, during the build season, is just not possible :frowning:

One or two well molded ones is a different story :slight_smile: