Team Cheers!

I wasn’t sure where to put this. q__q

Ayy! It’s that time of the year to start thinking of cheers again. What have you come up with? I haven’t been at this very long, and I’m looking for guidance from professional cheer-ers. :wink: Maybe I can help some other people to by telling you what we have.

So far we have.

  • Cotton Eye Joe
  • Go fight win clapping cheer
  • Happy birthday hand cheer rhythm

We are Fembots. Clap clap clap clap clap.
{{Basic tune to ‘we want candy’. Pretty boring.}}

Ahhhhh (feet drumroll), WOOP! (basketball hand swoosh)

boom boom. clap clap clap clap clap.
{{confusing ya…}}

Come on girls, you can do it, put a little power in it.
P-O-Wuh-Er, we got the pow-ER
We said it (clap) we meant it (clap), we’re here to rep it (clap clap)
{{We have a clappy thing. :slight_smile: If anyone knows the go fight win clapping cheer…}}

clap clap clap clap clap clap
Team 6-9-2
We love our driving crew!
-hand hearts-

Bang bang choo choo train
come on girls, do your thang
now woosh…
now woosh.

Go blue, go blue, go six nine two.

Lets go. Big red. Lets go big red lets go.
{{claps thrown in}}

Say what? Say what?
That’s what we do!
We Build!
We build for you!
We turn around, touch the ground.
Get back up, and build it down.
{{Doesn’t make sense but it’s amazing}}

2-4-6-8, Fembots here to dominate X5!
{{Gets louder each time, clapping & stomping}}

stomp X stomp stomp X stomp stomp XX stomp stomp X

We have some kind of lame ones that we probably won’t use…
Your bot may-be good at football,
or even run in tract,
but when it comes to basketball,
you might as well step back,
might as well step back,
say what?
you might as well step back.
can’t hear you.
Might as well step back.
{{Not very GP & Hard to get loud // no rhythm}}

Come on (clap)
Let’s go (clap clap)
Fembots do your cheer, (Clap)
OF the future engineers, (clap clap clap)
{{Rhythm… q___q}}

We won’t actually be using them all, because it’s more important to have 3-5 really strong and amazing cheers than a lot of slopppy and poorly done cheers, but these are just ideas. What do you think?

So far? I think you’ve got enough already :rolleyes:
Great job! I bet your team will be winning a spirit award.

why are you using such a small font? A lot of those silly old mentors on CD won’t be able to read it, or this sentence, so i can call them silly and old :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. That’s a lot of cheers. It makes us feel unspirited. :expressionless:

Here’s ours:

Go 256!

Yup, we’ve got some work to do.

Our Canadian famous (made famous by non-other than Karthik himself!)
Is Announcer (karthik) (introducing us into a match): SEVEN SEVEN WHO?!
Our team reply’s back: SEVEN SEVEN TWO!

I wanna be announced by Karthik…

I love that!
I noticed it in your signature first and was about to comment on it.

@Nerdbuddy y fank you
@Duke Sorry! It’s habbit on forums. I used to be a forum nerd, everyone had small font.

I find it generally really hard to get people excited to learn and practice cheers.
Especially when people think that build is more important, which it is, but it would only take an hour… Maybe I should bribe them with cookies. n.n

I wish he was the announcer for Championships :slight_smile: He’s the greatest announcer ever! :smiley: He would be awesome on Einstein.

If my team made it to Einstein (and if he was announcing Einstein) i think it would be amazing for him to get the whole dome to do that cheer :wink: It would make my day/week/month/year/life

I’m not doubting Karthik’s awesome announcing skills, however Mark Leon is one of my favorite announcers, and not just because we go to the same dentist at the same time. :smiley:

Mark Leon. Dear god, that blue hair and parrot… <3

Here is apage on our website dedicated to the various cheers we do.

I really love the first one and the ROWDY one. :slight_smile:
Our Seniors did that for spirit week but we’re not using them, sadly…

I haven’t listen to the sound files yet-- I’m on my phone. Is the name x-cats hard to cheer with or…? I would think it would be.

Not really

Our team is spirit-dead except for about 3 people. :expressionless: How do you get your team members spirited like that?

It’s required.
We actually punish people who don’t participate (push ups). We’re very serious about team spirit (being that we are tied for the most team spirit awards in FIRST history with 88 TJ-Squared). We start every meeting with a cheer and we end every meeting with a cheer. We have a student charged with being our spirit leader (they’ve been called the Spirit Leader, Princess of Positive Propaganda or Cheer Nazi. Whatever suits them). It’s like anything else in FIRST, if you really care about it you’ll make an emphasis to focus on it and make it part of the fabric of your team.

And if you doubt that, think of having Koko Ed* staring down at you, “recommending” that you do some push-ups.

*If you’ve never met him, Ed has an, er… imposing stance, kind of like having Arnold Schwarzenegger looking really angrily at you. Ed’s actually a really nice guy, probably wouldn’t hurt a fly, but even I wouldn’t take that chance…:ahh:

Oh we got mentors on our team who can do Bad Cop a whole lot better than I can…

So far, our team cheers are: