Team Cheers

What were some of the team cheers that you herd this season. We used a Cheer that had apart of our robots name in it our robots name being Arm N Ra; The Ra Venger, so one of are engineers came up with WHO…Ra…Who…Ra and it would go on while they were setting up the robot for the match. It was a great cheer and we loved to use it. So what were some of the cheers that you herd, excluding the division cheer.

Well, ours - which makes NO SENCE, is…

Gimme an A
Gimme an A
Gimme an A
What’s that spell?

That, or yelling

We’ve been doing it for years. And before this becomes a big 'ol “We started the A cheer” thing, don’t. Know one knows when it started, who started it, or why. Everyone thinks they started it.

It just is what it is…

Well I was on Galileo (GALI! LEO!) so “GILA GILA GILA” was heard a lot…

I heard alot of people making fun of our X-WhAAAt!!! cheer.
At least they remember it. :rolleyes:

I heard the A cheer in 2001 at Disney. I’m not sure which team was doing it (maybe Tigertrons), but every time they saw a FIRSTer in the parks they yelled it out as a greeting. We quickly picked it up and began using it ourselves, just as many other teams have.

So it’s at least 5 years old.

Here are some other ones we like to do:

A… E… I… O… U… sometimes Y


Slow chant of A that turns into screaming AAAAAAAAAA!

Back in 2003 our robot was named B.O.B ( battery operated bee) so our lead mentor after we won a match got the team together and started this chant.

Mentor- “gimme a B”
team- “B”
Mentor- “gimme an O”
team - "O’
Mentor- “gimme a B”
team- “B”
Mentor- “What does that give you”
Team- “BOB”

And last year whenever we capped the goal our team would shout “We got” “Big Balls”

This year was just a bunch of yelling and screaming. “Vote For Pedro” because somehow our robot ended up with the name Pedro.

Most of the time our team chants “EDDIE!!! EDDIE!!! EDDIE!!!” because our robot is Fast Eddie.

Ummmmmm… GO BEACH BOT!!!

I know it was around in 2000. But I’m sure it’s older then that…

We say “Double - O Seeven” stomp stomp quick 3 stomps and then keep going whenever we are finished a match. It’s insane. We did it even when we lost. Or just the simple…

GO MOONRAKER!!! wooooo! Or we’d cheer on our drivers. =)


That is MOEs cheer, you can hear it on our website along with our MOE sticks and the wobblies

We have a few introduced this year.

We sing the opening lines of the Numa Numa song.
I chant AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE-followed by a team response of OY OY OY.
I also heard the team chant Corey a few times from the stands, that was a bit creepy yet flattering.

well one of our captains name is Isaac and he does a weird litttle arm cross dealy seen here “the isaac”](
anyway when he is a coach in the booth or whenever we feel like it I bust out the ISAAAAAAAC and everyone does the isaac.
Another we have is the flower power chant, the daisy slow clap, and my personal favorite the WHO ARE WE…341!!!
“un-official 341 spirit leader”

We have yet to come up with a cool cheer so if anyone has an idea PM me.

Maybe you could make a UFO woosh sound FX or something.

MHWOOO mhwooo MHWOOOO mhwoooo

uh, maybe not…

Tom Nader - WHO’S HOT?
Team - WE’RE HOT!

We also used to use :
H, H, H with an O
O, O, O with a T
H with an O, O with a T

I don’t think you sit down and develop a “cool cheer” on paper. I’ll bet most of them are created on “spur of the moment” ideas. Look at the ones listed above – Who would ever think the cheer “Isaaaaaaaaaaaac” would be cool if you wrote it down. You have to start playing with it and trying different tempos to see what sounds best, just as Daisy has done. Same with Raider Robotix “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” cheer. What relevence does that have to their team or robot? Probably none, but they play with it a bit, get a good tempo, and now they have another “cool cheer”.

The MOE cheer was developed during the first year the team was in the program. Initially it was more of a rallying call to energize/re-energize the team during the long build evenings. It developed into their cheer at competition, and with the addition of the (now banned) MOEstix became one of the team’s trademarks.

Pick some comment made in jest next year and run with it. If you do it with spirit, nobody is going to worry about what it means or how it applies to your team. They just want to see and hear the enthusiasm with which it is performed.

Our spirit queens actual do write cheers down and publish them in a little book that’s given out to the rest of the team and we pratice cheering every meeting.

I stand corrected, you CAN sit down and develop a “cool cheer”.

bows humbly before Koko Ed