Team Cheers

Well in addition to WHO?..RA! chant Joel, steven, and I screamed out some little john quotes.(Joel saying WHAT?? Steven saying YEAH!!! And I said OKAY!!!) And then i also screamed A-town occasionally.

By the way one night walking back to our hotel we saw a white hummer limo and our mentor(Mr.Fava) said, “Is that Master P?”, but it just so happened that it was T.I.!!!(Rubberband Man!!!). Maybe I’m over exaggerating but it thought it was pretty cool.

Our team is put through rigourish training to always respond to the question “What time is it?” with the answer “279” usually shouted. This is very fun at the competition, but can get a little annoying on the bus ride back from Atlanta… So if you happen to see anyone in a 279 shirt, feel free to just yell out “What time is it?” and they better answer “279”. We know that the huskies know how to do it, and had some fun with them at Great Lakes this year :smiley: .

apart from the natural team numbers chants (eg 6…9…4) , our alliance partners (the pirates) were very funny, but i can’t remmeber exactly what they said now…

For my team this year, we had our usual cheer “Whose House? Run’s House!”, and it wasn’t so much a cheer as something to yell but we had “buddy system.” Someone would yell “Buddy System” then the team and anyone else who happened to know about it would yell “Buddy!” Next year at the competitions and other FIRST events, rememeber to yell “buddy” whenever you hear “buddy system.” We’d love for it to become as universal as “AAAAAAAAAA!” (As a sidenote, the cheer comes from the movie Heavyweights)

I go to alot of high school sports and one of the team I see frequently is Rush Henrietta (who will be joining FIRST next year) who have a very vocal following called the Comet Crazies (modeled after Duke’s Cameron Crazies). They have this one cheer that impressed the heck out of me when I was watching them stomp Churchville (at Churchville no less).
It went something like this:

Leader: I!
Group: I!

Leader: I believe!
Group: I believe!

Leader: I believe we!
Group: I believe we!

(pause for effect)

WHOLE GROUP (while vigerously stomping bleachers)
I believe we won won won!I believe we won won won!I believe we won won won!

While it’s a very cool cheer it’s not a very FIRST friendly cheer (as in Graciously professional. Unless you don’t plan to ever get selected ever again In a competition then I guess it’s perfectly fine). So I took the cheer idea to our spirit queens who were very fascinated by the cheer but couldn’t find a way to make it FIRST appropriate. Too bad it was impressive.

Leader: Who are we?
Leader: I can’t hear you!
ALL: FOUR THREE THREE!! FOUR THREE THREE!! dissolves into high pitched girl screams

Then there was the yelling war between the teams in front of us and behind us (Isaac! Newton!) and a couple girls from my team (GALI! LEO!) during finals…can’t say who won but it was pretty close…


Bingo… Most of the fun ones make no sense. When I tell the team rookies that they will be screaming by the end of the comp they look at me like I’m an idiot… but they always come around.

494… this is off the cuff… but try this…
4… 9… 4… 9… 4. 9. 4 9 49494-decend into nutty screaming…
It’s free from me to you.

Leader:When I say “double”, you say “deuce”!
Leader: DOUBLE!
Group: DEUCE!
Leader: DOUBLE!
Group: DEUCE!
Leader: DOUBLE!
Group: DEUCE!

Usually about three times. We also just chant “HOMER!” over and over. For our alliance we will say, “Lets go blue (or red) team, lets go!”. Yeah its fun.

We stole one from our basketball team.
1 or 2 guys yell out “game time” and then the rest of the team yells “GAME TIME”. And we had “Cir-cuit-run-ners” and “10-0-2” and “Lets go Wheeler”

We were the guys who also yelled CHARGE for lik a minute straight after the bell rang to start the matches.

Then, after our robot spun for 2 matches really fast, we started yelling “spin, spin spin …”

Maybe you have heard some of ours…

Let’s all go nuts?

West! Side! Boilers! claps

one from 2003:
Cheer-leader (in a non-sport way): 1-1-1-0-0-1-1-0-1! What’s that spell!
rest of team: 461!

and Purdue’s usual… Boiler Up!

I heard a team last year- I think at Arizona but I’m not sure- that had a really wierd cheer. It went something like:
team (and anyone else around): WE’RE ALL NUTS!!
(repeat as necessary)

Heh, did anyone else notice the (likely unintended) props to our team, when the announcer noted that 12 in binary is 1100?

I’m thinking of starting a “12!” cheer next year… or even for the off-season competition. Unless there’s a team 12, in which case we should pick them for an alliance.

One team was handing out Atlanta Braves (I assume) Tomohawks, but as they did not put their team number on the inflatable devices, I can’t say who they are. Since our team is called the Tomohawks, we took these, raised them up and down and made rather Native American-sounding tonalities. :slight_smile:

811 does something similar with our… (er, their, I’m not with them anymore) cardboard cardinal “chops,” chopping them up and down whilst chanting “8-1-1.”

Thanks to everyone who gave us an idea. Listen next year for us. Hey X-Cats just thought i should tell you that at every other competion we would do one of your cheers. We had more spirit for you than we did our own team. And by the way if anyone from 33 sees this, one day after a regional me and my friends were walking down the halls of our school screaming "who are we, 33 " “what are we, killer Bees”.